“Going to Do More Harm Than Good”: After Rugby Player “Juiced Up” for Better Performance, IFBB Coach Lays Bare the Serious Consequences of It

Former bodybuilder now, IFBB pro coaches have always been vocal about the right choices. He often shares videos of athletes making poor choices to satisfy themselves now, instead of thinking about the future and the consequences that may appear later on. However, while spreading awareness about the steroids and the harm they can cause, Greg Doucette rambles upon a video of a former athlete turned celebrity, Harry Jowsey.

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Moving on to this video of Jowsey, who was in a conversation with a professional doctor and a YouTuber Mikhail Varshavski famously known as Doctor Mike. In the middle of the conversation, the social media sensation disclosed a bizarre truth about his life.

Greg Doucette warned modern-era athletes


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He confessed that he wanted to be an athlete and wanted to pursue his career in Rugby but he was very skinny compared to his teammates. So, he went for a blood test, the reports were fine, and he “found out his testosterone levels were a little bit below the average not extremely low not to the point that he’d actually need testosterone but he wanted to do it he wanted the testosterone to perform better to build up muscle faster than last time,” Doucette pointed out in his review video.

Jowsey’s revelation about his doctor advised him to go for the muscle-enhancing drugs. His doctor suggested that he look good but he could do better convinced Harry, “and I was like let’s juice me up.” “Giving testosterone HRT to individuals that don’t actually need it as in they’re already producing adequate testosterone is going to do more harm than good,” says the 48-year-old pro.

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Doucette, however, discourages the unwise consumption of testosterone and growth hormones without a medical necessity. He mentioned that some hormone clinics might push unnecessary treatments to make more money. It’s essential to consult a doctor to ensure you genuinely need these supplements, as taking them when not required could lead to regret later in life due to possible health risks. Recently, he also shared his opinion on a 21-year-old fitness influencer.

Doucette shows his worried

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He seems really disappointed in today’s generation and how they are rushing toward getting bigger. “Please remember this: you cannot get your time back on this earth. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. You want to live as long as humanly possible,” stressed Doucette.


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He warned not just fitness influencers but people who seemed to not care to try something that looks fine at a young age but it will affect their lives later. Greg delved into his physical attributes and affirmed that he refrained from utilizing any form of steroids, as he has an outstanding physique.

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