GOAT Ronnie Coleman Hilariously Avoids Steroid Question From a Fan Despite Taking It in His Bodybuilding Days: “Which Juice You Talking About”

The eight times Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman has been active on social media for quite a while now. He’s been interacting with people more frequently. However, the former cop is very popular among netizens because of his incredible journey. From working at a global food chain Dominos to becoming a police officer and then delved his life into the world of bodybuilding.

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Despite the hurdles, he won 8 Mr. Olympia in a row with his sheer dedication and goals. The 59-year-old made every impossible step attainable. He garnered the attention of today’s generation through social media. He recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel ‘Ask Me Anything.’ Where he answered several topics of his fans.

A fun Q&A with Ronnie Coleman


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In the Q&A episode, he answered a lot of questions the most asked question was who would win this year’s Olympia, without any hesitation he chose a name and that’s not the reigning champion he named, Instead he named out a runner-up Derek Lunsford. According to him, Lunsford has great potential for this year, Mr. Olympia.

While taking another question, one user asked him, “Have you ever used the juice?” In response to this, he cleverly molded the questions and jokingly replied, “Ain’t too many people I know haven’t used the juice, but it all depends on which juice you’re talking about? He further mentioned his favorite juice from the list “see there’s orange juice there’s grapefruit juice there’s tomato juice and uh what else my favorite has always been orange juice so yeah buddy I have used the juice.” However, he smartly gets rid of this question, but he’s been choosing his favorite Mr. Olympia. He admitted several times that Lunsford might win this year.

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Ronnie Coleman rooting for Derek Lunsford

He’s been advocating for Lunsford even before the 2022 prestigious event. The result of last year’s Mr. O was shocking to him. Coleman thought Derek would give tough competition to Big Ramy. But the Persian Wolf Hadi Choopan stunned everyone by winning the coveted title and defeating the extremely tough contender. And now he’s definite that this year Derek would definitely win against Choopan.

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The bodybuilding’s most valuable competition will take place in November this year. The time will reveal the conqueror’s name and who’s going to win. However, the preparation is getting stronger and stronger as days pass by. Do you agree with the legendary bodybuilder’s prediction about Derek? Share your point of view in the comments below.

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