GOAT Ronnie Coleman Drops His 2023 Mr.Olympia Predictions, Doesn’t Think Hadi Choopan Can Save His Title

The 2023 Mr. Olympia is about to start, and many bodybuilding experts have already come up with their predictions for the upcoming event. But the GOAT of bodybuilding, Ronnie Coleman, waited till the nick of the time to give out his top six Mr. Olympia predictions for this year’s event.

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Since the competition for this year is cutthroat, it would be exciting to witness who would win this year’s Sandow trophy, and the King believes that Hadi Choopan will not be able to reclaim his Mr. Olympia in 2023.

Ronnie Coleman’s predictions for 2023 Mr. Olympia


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The 8x Mr. Olympia reigned the bodybuilding stage in the 2000s and became the epitome of the mass monster era. Despite retiring from the competitive stage over a decade ago, the bodybuilding sensation still connects with his fans through his social media videos. The GOAT, who has been vocal about his thoughts on Derek Lunsford winning this year’s Mr. Olympia, is now ready with a top-six winning list.

Here’s my top six Olympia competitors placing in this order,” he said in his latest YouTube video. Coleman placed the former Mr. Olympia champion Brandon Curry at sixth and backed up his placing by stating, “Brandon has kind of like not been bringing his top form lately.” Andrew Jacked is in fifth place in Ronnie Coleman’s prediction list. “Andrew is really been making a lot of improvements. He has played very well in some contests.”

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Nick Walker, the Top 3 at 2022 Mr. Olympia, is fourth in Ronnie Coleman’s prediction list. Despite gaining size, Coleman thinks the Mutant’s muscle maturity is comparatively less as he is still a young bodybuilder. “Nick has made very substantial gains inside, which is the problem here. This is not a size game which some people get caught up in,” the GOAT revealed. “He’s a very young guy. It takes a long, long time for muscles to mature, and muscle maturity is one of the most important aspects of sport of bodybuilding,” Coleman opined. But who is in the Top 3 List?

The King’s top 3 predictions for Mr. Olympia 2023 

The bodybuilding icon who won the Arnold Classic this year made it to the top 3 in Coleman’s prediction list. “I in third place, I’m going go with Samson Dauda because Samson has made some, some real nice gains in the last two years,” Coleman confessed in his video. “His conditioning has come along real, real, real nice his muscle size in accordance with his muscle maturity has aged properly right on time,” the 8x Mr. Olympia claimed.


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I’m going to put Hadi in second, and this going to be big blow, the guy who I’m going with, to win it all is, Derek Lunsford,” Coleman proclaimed, and the GOAT had strong reasons to back up his prediction. Ronnie Coleman suggested that Choopan won last year because of his conditioning, and this year other competitors will not be back in that aspect.


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As Mr. Olympia will start two days from now, what do you think of Ronnie Coleman’s Predictions and whom you are rooting for? Let us know in the comments below. 


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