“Genetically Enhanced” 45 YO Tycoon Tries to Achieve the Unimaginable While Spending $2 Million Every Year

In a world where technology melds seamlessly with biology, business tycoons are no longer just innovators in the boardroom but also pioneers in the realms of genetics and fitness. Bryan Johnson, the illustrious founder of Blueprint, recently sent shockwaves throughout social media.

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With a simple shirtless photo on his Instagram and a caption that boldly proclaimed, “Received my first gene therapy yesterday: follistatin. I am now a genetically enhanced human (GEH),” Johnson opened up a debate in the bodybuilding and fitness community. On the bounds of human potential and the ethics of genetic enhancement.

Bryan Johnson: Follistatin Gene Therapy


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For context, Follistatin gene therapy isn’t some fringe, experimental procedure. Scientific studies back it, and it currently ranks seventh in lifespan studies. It also shows promising results in extending a mouse’s lifespan by an impressive 30%. If similar results can be replicated in humans, the implications are staggering.

But why would someone like Johnson, already a renowned entrepreneur, delve into the realm of genetic enhancement? The objectives are multifaceted and revolutionary. First and foremost, epigenetic age reduction stands as a prime target. The therapy alters gene expression and potentially turns a person’s biological clock back.

Transitioning from the abstract notion of age, the therapy also has practical health objectives. The list of organs under monitoring for potential enhancements reads like a comprehensive anatomy class. From the vital organs like the heart and kidneys to specific fat types like brown and beige fat.

The cost of fitness and breaking biological boundaries


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Improved muscle volume and strength are also on the docket. For many, the allure of enhanced fitness capabilities, minus the countless hours in the gym, is undoubtedly tempting. However, it’s not just about achieving a statuesque physique. Greater muscle volume and strength can lead to improved health outcomes, mobility, and overall quality of life, especially as one ages.

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The main goal of this big project is to slow down aging. If successful, this endeavor could redefine our understanding of aging and perhaps even blur the lines between the young and the elderly. However, such groundbreaking ventures don’t come cheap. Johnson reportedly spends a staggering $2 million annually on this pursuit


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For many, the idea of spending such an astronomical sum might seem outrageous, but when we delve deeper into the potential benefits–and the broader implications for humanity – it’s an investment in the future. A future where age might just be a number and the limitations of the human body could be pushed further than ever before.

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