“Genetic Freak! No One at His Height Has Even Came Close”: Monster Bodybuilder, Who Beat Ronnie Coleman 5 Times in a Year, Blows Internet Away With His Throwback Image

The bodybuilding world gives a lot of priority to muscular physique, but also the height of the bodybuilder. Even in competitions, there is a criteria to put on pounds according to the height. Mr. Olympia recently changed its norms that were related to this aspect as well. Even bodybuilders like Frank Zane Believe the fact that a shorter bodybuilder will have disadvantages over herculean competitors like Ronnie Coleman, whose stand at a  height of 5’11”. 

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However, one bodybuilder nullified this notion and  defeated Ronnie Coleman, even after being almost a head shorter than him. He recently got praised by fans again for his incredible physique even at the disadvantage of a short height. Let’s see who this bodybuilder was.

Lee Priest proved that height does not matter


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The IFBB pro made Ronnie Coleman eat the humble pie in 1997 Ironman Championships. Apart from that he also defeated Coleman five times in different competitions. Standing at the height of 5’,5” he completed with the tall giant King and won against him more than once. The Blonde Myth recently uploaded a throwback picture on his Instagram. The young Lee priest was posing with his huge biceps and abs when flexing his muscles and smiling ear to ear, and the picture was taken at Gold’s Gym.


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He was 270 LBS, when the picture was taken and at the height of 5’,5” this kind of physique is incredible. Lee Priest also competed in Mr. Olympia six times and his best position was in the sixth place. 

Priest had even encouraged one fan before who was insecure about his height. He told the fan that no one was thinking about his height because it did not matter. The recent picture made fans become excited about the bodybuilder’s ability to achieve such amazing physique, even at a shorter height than most bodybuilders. 


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Followers complement Lee Priest’s conditioning

All the comments were about how astonished the fans were that young the Priest could achieve such a bulk at 5’,5”. One follower commented on his genetics, and said, “That’s what one would call a genetic freak! NO ONE at his height has even come close !!” Another fan talked about his conditioning, and wrote, “270 at 5,5 in such a good condition jeez you are absolutely insane champ🫣.”

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One netizen went into the statistics of how many people have incredible genetics, and said, “1 in a billion genetics and potential here.” Another fan admired him for his candid personality and said, “Lee no one has bulked like you! The truth you spoke in the beginning only speaks volumes! And that you stayed real 🔥🔥! # the only real giant killer.” A follower could not even believe that a bodybuilder could be that weight and said, “Wtf 😳, 270. That’s insane 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.”


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