Fumed by His 11th Place Finish, 4x Mr. Olympia Spent “100 Grands” on a “Crazy Home Gym” in 1998

One of the most successful bodybuilders of all time has recently revealed the motivation behind his rise in the competitive field of bodybuilding. How one bad place changed his entire life. He became the 4 time Mr. Olympia in upcoming years. Jay Cutler has impressed the world with his comeback stories, whether it’s about his 3rd win at the Olympia or the beginning of his career.

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However, in his recent Facebook post, he shared a rare story he hasn’t disclosed for many years. He unveils that after placing 11th in one competition. Afterward, he inclined into rigorous training sessions at his home gym.

From doubting himself to conquest the world of bodybuilding: Jay Cutler


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The prep wasn’t easy because initially, Cutler was not focused on his lower body. For three years, he avoided working out on his lower body. He was entirely precise in building his arms, shoulders, chest, and abs. When he got placed almost at last, he realized if he had to win, then he must build his overall body.

In his recent Facebook post, he reminisced about the competition that prepared him to win the coveted title four times. “So, after 1998 was that night of Champions, I finished 11th. I said I’m gonna go back to training. I built a home gym, I built a crazy home gym. I spent like 100 grand on equipment.”

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He further mentioned in the video, “I was training in my house, and I came back and finished third at the Pro Iron Man and fourth at Arnold Classic. Arnold Classic being the second biggest show. So I kind of got in the mix a little bit there, won some prize money, and I was qualified for the Mr. Olympia, which was obviously huge then.” Moreover, at the start of this video, he mentioned not doing his leg training for many years. In one of his throwback interviews, he revealed the reason he had ignored the lower body for many years.

He had to back down his leg training

In his latest update, at the beginning of this video, he shared an anecdote from his early days of training that he didn’t train his legs for three years. Well, this is not the first he talked about, his leg training. In a short clip shared by Muscle Mind Media on Instagram, Cutler articulated, “So when I first started training I actually had to back down My leg training.”


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He briefly told the story of how he suffered and couldn’t even wear jeans because of his disproportionate physique. “I remember even in high school having trouble fitting jeans, and my thighs just because of the shape,” he said. The bodybuilding beast mentioned that once he started working out on his thighs, it took little time to fully develop his legs and squads.

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