“Fu*king Break Everything in My Body”: Refusing To Fight MMA Wrestlers Despite 264 Lbs Frame, Chris Bumstead Shows the Mirror to Bradley Martyn

Chris Bumstead, who is 28 and already a 4-time Mr. Olympia Classic Physique winner, might be humongous with his Witcher-esque stature and muscles but the bodybuilding champ is calm as a cucumber. He never gets angry, at least on camera, and is always level-headed. Despite having a contrasting structure, he seems to be a gentle soul.

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Bumstead is getting ready for his 5th Olympia this year and among the preparations and speculations, there was a unique question Hany Rambod posed to him recently. Rambod asked him a question that had not asked Bumstead before. The answer is surprising, to say the least.

Chris Bumstead fears that he might break his bones


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The man who earned gold with a torn bicep spoke to his coach Hany Rambod in a podcast. With the 5th Olympia getting closer by the day, he spoke about his training, retirement plans, and bar fights. While speaking about his career and life, Rambod asked him, “Have you ever thought about working out with an MMA fighter?” Bumstead got a bit taken aback and clarified whether he heard it right. Rambod explained himself better and said, “Have you ever thought about doing Jiu-jitsu or have every thought …” Bumstead again wanted clarity and asked, “Oh, that’s fighting an MMA fighter? Or working out?” Hany left it to his pupil and said, “Well either one.”

Finally, Chris delved into the answer and said, “Anybody who knows me, anyone who knows Chris knows I will injure myself walking off a curb. If I try and fight someone, I’m gonna fu*king break everything in my body. So no.” The clumsy bodybuilding champion did know martial arts and he recalled, “I wrestled a little bit when I was 12 13 for two years but I got into, I was playing so many sports at that time.” His skill set lies in fighting but according to him, “I am not a violent person at all.”

However, as every young teenager has experienced a brawl, even Bumstead got into a bar fight, albeit to defend a friend. He was punched in the face and Chris showed his power with just two punches and knocked the man out. Even the gentlest man can get angry.

Chris Bumstead’s only brawl in his life


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The bar fight was happening in Halifax, and he was a young teenager. “I was defending someone’s honor, someone came up to me and said their girlfriend got like shoved downstairs it was like a two-level club and they came up like freaking out,” He said.

The guy who caused the problem was shorter than the 6’1” bodybuilder and was already towering over him even at a young age. Just like in the movies, Bumstead was “mouthing off” at him, but the guy swung at him. That was the last straw.

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CBum clocked the guy and pinned him to the ground. “He just crumbled to the ground,” the Mr. Olympia icon disclosed. The bouncers did not even intervene since the brawl was in good hands. Then Bumstead walked out of the club with his friend in tow and got a burger treat from his friends. This movie-like experience sure became a core memory in his mind. 


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Bumstead might not want to fight MMA fighters, but he is the most capable one. What do you think? 

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