“Frank Zane’s Grandson”: Months After Being Hospitalised for 48 Hours Fast Gone Wrong, 23 YO Influencer Garners Praise From Fitness World

The ever-evolving fitness world has seen a lot of influencers over the years. Many disappear with time, but one is getting more positive attention from his fans. The 23-year-old has 1.19 million subscribers on YouTube and 2.7 million followers on his Instagram page. His fans often comment on his posts and share their thoughts about how he has been inspiring them and how his videos help them amid their mental stress.

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The motivator, however, recently uploaded a transitioning clip on his Instagram account and the followers started comparing him with The God of Aesthetics, Frank Zane, the three times Mr. Olympia, who won titles because of his well-conditioned symmetric physique.

Alex Eubank, after a failed fasting, gets compared with Frank Zane


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The 81-year-old bodybuilder, Frank Zane, has a great impact on people even today. The young generation follows in his footsteps to get a physique like his. The bodybuilder turned author, won consecutive trophies from 1977 to 1979. Alex Eubank, faced a lot of criticism initially because some individuals suspected of him using steroids. But almost a month ago, Victor Martinez sarcastically opined on his 48 hours of fasting for detoxification that faced trouble midway.


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Recently, however, Eubank posted a video of himself flexing his muscles against the backdrop of the sea. Standing on what looked like a yacht, the youngster looked absolutely ripped. He captioned the image, “Miami aesthetic“. The latest post drove his fans crazy, and they made their thoughts known in his comment box.

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He impresses fans with his ripped physique

The netizens couldn’t believe their eyes because of his fit and perfectly shaped physique that reminisces, the legendary bodybuilder. One commenter made the comparison, “Frank Zane’s grandson” One user gave some advice, “If you’re that aesthetic, you truly don’t need much size. I think you would look more amazing with a Men’s Physique weight. I think your composition would support that.”

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Another fan wrote Eubank is a source of motivation for many. His comment read, “So so beautiful bro. You inspire me every day.” Others commented on his physique and said, “Natty, natural without a pump, aesthetics as hell” and “absolutely shredded.” Do you think Alex Eubank has any resemblance to the legendary bodybuilder? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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