Following a Path Tread Successfully by UFC, GOAT Ronnie Coleman Has High Hopes for Bodybuilding in This City: “We Will Do It”

The legendary bodybuilder who defeated Flex Wheeler and won his first Mr. Olympia title in 1998. Ronnie Coleman, recently went to Dubai to attend the Dubai Muscle Show. Due to his massive fan base, during the event, he became the center of attention. He was featured in multiple interviews, and everybody sought to grab this opportunity to have conversations with him. The legend also seems very excited to meet and greet.

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However, RX Muscle-The Truth in Bodybuilding uploaded an interview that caught everyone’s eye. In the conversation with Siddique Farooqi, Coleman expressed his desire for bodybuilding to reach the same level of popularity in other countries as the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Ronnie Coleman’s wish to see bodybuilding on the International stage


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At the start of the video, the 8x Mr. Olympia was very enthusiastic about the show. Despite the challenges he faced, his smile never disappeared. He accepts every situation wholeheartedly. Coleman, on the other, wanted the game to be bigger than that, “it’s going to get bigger every single year as the other one has gotten, look forward to doing.” Afterward, when asked a question about, “The way that UFC came to Abu Dhabi and really became one of the, you know, Premier fight destinations because you see similar for that for bodybuilding.”


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In response to that, he replied, “Exactly similar to what the UFC has done. We’re trying to do it for bodybuilding for sure and we will do it.” The 59-year-old believes that bodybuilding has the potential to become a global sensation like UFC, and showed his passion for seeing it grow to a new level on an international scale. Well, the Louisiana native definitely is extremely happy as always and had a good time visiting one of the most luxurious places in the world. He uploaded a video on social media, driving a Lamborghini.

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Coleman drives a Lamborghini and almost crashes the car

A while back, Ronnie posted a picture on Instagram beside a Lamborghini. “I’m having an off-the-chain time out here in Dubai!” he captioned the post. The King mentioned that the supercar he was driving was a rental, and he rented out from Superior Rentals.

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However, while driving, Coleman may have taken the wrong turn and apparently ended up on the wrong side of the road. “Ronnie! Not that!” repeated Andrei thrice in panic. “You’re f***ing n***!” Andrei told Ronnie after the close call. However, the former Mr. Olympia sounded confident. “Well, I know how to drive through,” said the bodybuilding GOAT.

What do you think of his desire for bodybuilding and his nearly crashing the $230,000 supercar while driving? Tell us in the comments below.

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