Following a Fruit-Only Diet After a Severe Health Complication, 48-YO Bodybuilder Reviewed the Most Expensive Melon in the World

Life has not entirely been a bed of roses for Kali Muscle. During his sophomore year in college, he spent 11 years of his life behind bars in San Quentin State Prison, which is considered an extremely dangerous and violent prison. During his time there, the only thing that kept him sane was working out and lifting weights. However, he developed a habit of eating poorly.

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Upon his release from prison, he became one of the first few fitness creators on the Internet. In this rat race, he also used a ton of steroids to stand out from the crowd. To make things worse, his diet was extremely poor too. As he faced a serious consequence of this later, he was forced to switch to a healthier diet and opted for a fruit-only diet for the most part. Recently, Muscle ate the world’s most expensive melon.

Kali Muscle’s take on the world’s most expensive melon


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After going through his share of health problems and heart-related issues, Kali learned the hard way about the importance of maintaining a good diet. Due to high cholesterol levels present in his diet, accompanied by serious dosages of steroids that he used, Muscle faced the wrath of his carelessness in the form of a cardiac arrest. Learning his lesson from this, Kali decided to switch to a healthier diet and rely on a fruit-only diet.

In a recently shared YouTube short, Muscle unboxed a melon which is the world’s most expensive melon. Unboxing the ‘Crown Melon,’ Kali stated, “Eating the world’s most expensive melon. This is what we are here for…’The crown.’ So here we go guys, the review.”

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Continuing further about the melon, Kali used a knife to cut the melon and get rid of the seeds as he stated, “So I’m gonna get the seeds out, so here we go, bottoms up baby. This thing good boy, this is top of the line.” Following his watermelon challenge, Muscle had most recently gone on to try a fasting challenge and its effect on his body and mind.


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Kali Muscle tries to find out what happens if you go without food for 80 hours

On the third day of trying out his fasting challenge, Muscle explained his feelings in a YouTube video. The bodybuilder, who was also working at a bakery while fasting, revealed how it was not an easy task. He found it hard to resist all the delicious products at the bakery. “The third day is like you feel good, and it’s odd, I do. Not thinking about food or nothing so man, I’m going to keep going until hey till we see what’s happening,” he said.


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Despite his past where he relied on steroids for a shredded body, Kali Muscle is now on the path of repentance and is trying to live a healthy lifestyle. However, there are many who would think that he is going overboard with his challenges. What are your thoughts on Kali Muscle and his challenges? Let us know in the comments below.

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