Fitness Freak Mark Wahlberg’s Wife Doubts His Desperate Measures for Recovery: “I Know You Did Not Do That”

Action star Mark Wahlberg is famous for three things: his music, films, and being a fitness freak. He has shared his midnight schedule multiple times which has long sessions of prayer and fasting. Despite being 52, the actor sports a ripped physique and regularly works out at 4:00 a.m. The Pain & Gain star doesn’t like compromising with his workout sessions, no matter where he is. For Wahlberg, exercise and recovering for the next session are a way of life.

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Earlier, the bodybuilding enthusiast proved just how far he is willing to go not to disrupt his exercise and recovery cycles. The platinum-selling former musician posted a video on Instagram from his hotel bathroom. Since the 52-year-old didn’t have access to his cold plunge, the $400 million net-worth actor took desperate measures, even leaving his wife in disbelief.

There’s one more activity in Mark Wahlberg’s morning routine


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The CEO of the 4:00 a.m. club posted a video on Instagram from inside his hotel bathroom. Mark Wahlberg flaunted his chiseled six-pack while standing shirtless in front of the bathtub. “I told you the most important thing right now, in all of my wellness journey is the recovery,” said the Hollywood action icon. Besides Wahlberg’s physique, something else in the video stood out.

Followers already knew his routine between his 2:30 a.m. and bedtime schedule, but this time the actor had buckets full of ice lined up beside the bathtub. “It’s 5:10 In the morning,” said Mark Wahlberg as he dumped the buckets of ice inside the bathtub and jumped in. Despite the water being ice cold, the actor enjoyed it. “This is what it’s all about. The recovery,” he said. Mark Wahlberg also didn’t waste the opportunity to show off the new Municipal sneakers that are yet to be launched.

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Whalberg’s desperate measure to replicate the effect of his cold plunge at home prompted his wife to comment. “Babe…… I know you did not do that in a hotel…” wrote the actor’s wife, Rhea Durham. However, there is good reason behind Mark Wahlberg going to such lengths to replicate a cold plunge.


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The actor’s preferred method of recovery


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The Hollywood star has been into fitness for decades. However, with age, Mark Wahlberg’s approach toward fitness has changed. While the actor used to only focus on lifting heavy weights, now he is into functional fitness as well. Instead of pumping up his numbers in the gym, Mark Wahlberg trains to improve mobility, agility, aesthetics, and strength.

While the actor, rapper, and businessman, Mark Wahlberg has several ways to recover from his grueling exercise sessions, his preferred method is taking a cold plunge for a few minutes. The fitness enthusiast vouches for this recovery technique and often features it in his videos. And to everybody’s surprise, he is not alone in this. Celebrities and athletes like Joe Rogan, Phil Heath, and others also promote cold plunges for optimal recovery.


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