“Feed His Inflated Ego”: Bodybuilding World Rips Apart Liver King After Helping Him Make Millions Through His Organ Eating Shenanigan

In the age of social media, where everyone endeavors to curate the finest versions of themselves, the line between genuine achievement and brash self-promotion often blurs. Bodybuilding and fitness influencers, in their bid to outshine competitors, sometimes overstep this boundary, leading to them facing ire from a once-adoring public. Brian Johnson, popularly known as the Liver King, recently became the embodiment of this exact predicament.

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After admitting to steroid use and revealing his net worth, many assumed Johnson would dial back on his displays of audacity. However, a recent Instagram post suggests the exact opposite.

The controversial post of The Liver King


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Liver King’s Instagram post, replete with self-praise and challenges to his followers, left many flabbergasted. By attributing his grip strength to “true nobility“, Johnson essentially insinuated that a mere physical attribute can encapsulate a man’s worth, a claim many found audacious.

The video in the post was also very bold. It narrated his escapades from Utah’s Canyon Country to Texas’s Hill Country and culminated with the proclamation “getting ready to light the fu*k up”. It was clear that the Liver King was not in the mood for humility.

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In the video, he is seen sitting on a seat on a mountaintop house with pliers in both hands. The post’s caption read, “If I’m holding pliers, this means one of two things: a) I’m about to dominate heavy pulls, CTB pull-ups, etc. b) I’m soon to shake hands with someone important. Never forget, grip strength is more than just health, longevity, and lifting heavy sh*t.”

Yet, what has baffled many isn’t just his brazenness. The ‘organ-eating shenanigan,’ a phrase used to define his controversial dietary promotions, has been another point of contention. While organ meats have nutritional benefits, the way Liver King has sensationalized them strikes many as being in poor taste.


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A mixed bag of reactions from the bodybuilding community

Fans and followers were quick to voice their opinions on Liver King’s actions and claims. One frustrated user remarked, “He offers nothing new. He’s a cliche and people continue to feed his inflated ego and his wallet”. Steroid usage, an already touchy subject in the community, was also brought up, with one individual sarcastically noting, “Steroids help you be strong too.”

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Furthermore, some fans questioned the authenticity of his narratives. Queries like, “Did anyone ever see his eye even be bad? Or did he just do that on a whim for clicks?” began circulating. Others were more blunt in their criticism, with comments such as “I think you’re actually the biggest tool I’ve ever seen” and “Liver king eye 👁️ is perfectly fine. He’s a con artist. He’s a smart guy but the worst type of person to be around“, highlighting doubts about his true character.


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In a world that thrives on authentic representation, Liver King’s actions serve as a reminder that while building a brand, one must tread carefully, lest one cross the line between self-promotion and self-aggrandizement. Liver King’s actions spotlight the delicate balance between self-promotion and arrogance in the digital era. As he makes money from his unique diet, many in the bodybuilding world doubt his bold statements.

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