Father of Five, Arnold Schwarzenegger Confesses His Children’s Mistake That Wasted His Attempt to Copy George Clooney: “Had to Send It to a Fat Farm”

Seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger has lived a full life, achieving all the success imaginable for a man. After having a successful bodybuilding career, his transition to Hollywood was smooth. He made a lot of new friends who inspired him and taught him different things. One actor who he was influenced by was none other than Hollywood star George Clooney. American actor and filmmaker had a cute pig who used to follow him around everywhere while shooting.

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This inspired ‘The Austrian Oak’ to get a pet pig as well. Schwarzenegger, who found it cute, got for him a pig a while later. Unfortunately, his children’s mischief led to Arnold sending the pig to a farm. Schwarzenegger revealed this during a recent episode of popular talk show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Arnold Schwarzenegger explains the story behind his giving up on his pet


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Back in the 90s, when Arnold Schwarzenegger was working along with George Clooney on the sets of ‘Batman & Robin,’ Schwarzenegger revealed that Clooney’s pet pig used to be there with him at all times. Max, who unfortunately passed away back in 2006 at the age of 18, seemed way too cute to Schwarzenegger. Seeing the duo bond, ‘Arnie’ also made up his mind to get a pig. However, he explained that his kids got into this competition about who will feed the pig more. This led to the big gaining way too much weight.

Disclosing this, Schwarzenegger stated, “my kids started going on this competition..you know like who feeds this animal more food…all of a sudden this pig ended up being 300 pounds! It’s supposed to be a miniature pig! So i had to send it to a fat farm i mean imagine how crazy that is.”

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Schwarzenegger’s family’s love for pets is not unknown to anyone at this point. Having a miniature horse, a pig, dogs, and whatnot, his ex-wife Maria Shriver and son Patrick Schwarzenegger also once opened up about their experiences with a pet pig.

Maria Shriver and Patrick tell an exciting story about ‘Bacon’


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In a podcast with ‘The Squeeze’ on which Maria Shriver and Patrick Schwarzenegger featured a few months ago, amidst many other exciting stories, they shared an anecdote from years ago when they had a pig. Shriver disclosed that she was told by the breeder that her pig, named ‘Bacon’ would not grow too big. “When I got him they assured me that he would stay a mini pig but then it grew to the size of a couch,” Shriver stated.

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Adding to this, Patrick revealed that “Whenever it would rain, he would go out into the lawn and his stomach would drag in the grass and then he would come in and then his stomach would drag over the carpet with all the mud on his belly.” 


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Despite all the drama, Schwarzenegger’s love for animals is immense. He still has a lot of pets at his home who he loves playing with. What are your views on Schwarzenegger’s story about his pet pig? Let us know in the comments. 

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