Fans Draw Comparisons to Arnold Schwarzenegger as Former Serbian Bodybuilder Hilariously Attempts to Obliterate His “Biased Coach” Tag: “You Look Like the Terminator”

In the world of entertainment, having a fit body has always been considered an essential quality. With actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone ruling the roost with their iconic characters within the industry, fans from even the current generations recognize and expect fit bodies from those plying their trade in both bodybuilding and Hollywood.

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Even at 59 years old, bodybuilding legend Milos Sarcev continues to maintain his physique. His contribution to the bodybuilding world remains ever present, just like how it was during the days of participation in competitions. After the IFBB pro coach posted a surprising photo on Instagram, garnering reactions from the community.

Milos Sarcev’s Instagram surprise


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The bodybuilding legend has been popular for his coaching, commentary, and discussions on several bodybuilding and fitness talk shows. Although he contributes to the industry a lot, he still finds enough time to update his fans through his social media. Thus, in his latest Instagram post, Sarcev presented a unique photo of himself. In the photo, he was wearing a Bruce Lee T-shirt and holding a gun.

Recently, his comments against Samson Dauda’s rival have been gaining a lot of flak and fueling a lot of debate. In the caption adjoining his picture, Sarcev wrote something humorous that might actually have a connection with the present rumors. He wrote, “Who are you calling a biased coach?”

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When his fans and followers came across the photo, they could not contain themselves from making the very visible parallel with this Arnold Schwarzenegger role.


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Fans equate Milos Sarcev with Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s famous role

One of the fans mentioned the Austrian Oak and wrote, “Move over Arnold, we have a new Terminator. @milossarcev“. While another said, “You look like the Terminator.” Yet another fan commented, “New Rambo” But the consensus, as brought forward by several of the fans, was that Sarcev resembled the Terminator, much more. They even went on to say that his present look could have been a hit for the role. Last, but not least, a few others compared him with a commando. They said, “Man in mission  commando “.


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Bodybuilding lets an individual build and sculpt their body in such a precise manner that they set a trend that will be remembered time and again. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s iconic movie characters, such as in Terminator and Commando, have become such an epitome of sheer fitness depiction. The coach who prays for bodybuilders who might miss out on Mr. Olympia, looks strong in the photo like a guardian. Do you think Milos looks like a Terminator? Let us know in the comments below.

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