Eyeing His Fifth Title, Chris Bumstead Grinds Through a Destroying Shoulder Workout Ahead of Mr. Olympia 2023

The excitement for the 2023 Mr. Olympia can be seen in the preparation of the athletes. In just a few days, the world will see the champions of the bodybuilding. To win this coveted title, every qualified bodybuilder across the globe indulges in an intense training routine. Chris Bumstead, the reigning champion in the Classic Division, has been updating fans about his prep for the Olympia, sharing insights into his workout and daily routine.

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In his recent YouTube video, Bumstead discussed his pre-workout rituals, involving a unique combination of supplements for energy and performance. He further talked about his changed mindset for this year’s competition. He’s been showing more confidence than ever.

4x Mr. Olympia Classic Physique’s extreme shoulder workout


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The 28-year-old shed light on the changing nature of his mindset and energy levels throughout his intense training and dieting phases. He describes how, during tough times, he tends to become fatigued and less active, whereas high-carb days infuse him with energy.

I also had a high carb day yesterday and then it was funny I just was like reflecting on the way my mind processes and changes so much when I’m really tired and like carb depleted my brain doesn’t function and I don’t think I don’t check my phone I’m just like not doing anything and then yesterday I had a bunch of carbs I had a bunch of energy,” says the King of Aesthetics.

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He collaborated with IFBB pro Axel Lopez for his shoulder workout day. Before jumping into the intense training, they discussed the exercise they were going to perform and the number of reps they were aiming for. They did four exercises to pump their shoulders.


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Chris Bumstead shared a humorous story while working out

The first exercise was Lateral Raises, with a set of dumbbells with 12 reps on each side. The second exercise they chose was the shoulder press machine. They did multiple sets of this. For the third movement; they relied on Pec Deck Fly, which helped them to grow their chest muscles. They were more focused on the quality of this regimen instead of counting the sets or reps. The last exercise of CBum’s shoulder day was the Rear Delt Fly. This significant movement was helpful in building the deltoid muscles.

In the middle of the video, Bumstead candidly shared a humorous incident that happened to him a while back, when ordered a jersey online and had to cancel his credit card. “I got in the mail I was trying to find like a dope black Dave Batista Jersey and I ordered this and I realized it was a fake account it was like shop mlb.com instead mlbshop.com and I panicked and I canceled my credit card thought I was going to get hacked,” said the Canadian bodybuilder.


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He also unboxed his new pair of sneakers, while opening the box he said, “so, already guess what they are. These are the last low Travis Scott Jordan one that I did not have so huge thanks to Impossible Kicks for sending these out.” Chris Bumstead has won millions of hearts with his remarkable journey. Do you think he will win the title for the fifth time? Tell us in the comments below.

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