Exposing His Shredded Physique 2.5 Months Post Retirement, Chris Bumstead’s Brother-in-Law Reveals How He Got an “18″ Scar”

Chris Bumstead’s former coach and brother-in-law announced his retirement a few months ago, shocking the entire bodybuilding community. After his declaration, Bumstead also shared an insight that he might also retire from the competitive arena. Days after making fans stunned, Bumstead then clarified that he would only quit competing when the time was right for him. However, the former coach, Iain Valliere has been very active on social media after his retirement. It seems like is now entirely focused on growing his business.

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Valliere recently dumped a picture carousel on his Instagram, showing off his super-jacked and shredded physique. His fans got confused after seeing his picture. They thought he might get ready for another contest, which led to an interesting revelation and conversation between him and his fans.

Iain Valliere’s puzzling caption and revelation of his injury


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The Toronto Pro Show winner uploaded a throwback picture while posing for the camera. He captioned these images, “Toronto Pro 2-3 days out. One thing you can always control…CONDITIONING.” The caption made everyone puzzled. They started asking questions about whether he was taking part in an event. However, Valliere clarified that this picture was taken before the Toronto Pro even earlier this year.

However, where everyone was praising his astonishing body, some fans noticed his scar and commented on his post “Whoa..that scar. Where’d that come from?” another fan replied by saying, “detached/torn tricep, probably.” Vallière responds to these comments, explaining, “You think they’d give me an 18″ scar for a torn tricep? haha.”

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He further described that the scar was from a spiral fracture of his humerus. He injured his upper arm bone which was broken. However, the former bodybuilder said in a post-retirement podcast that he’s been having a lot of fun.


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Valliere is happy post-retirement

Earlier, Iain Valliere was featured on the GIVR podcast hosted by Melissa Valliere. They talked about his post-retirement experience and how he felt about the entire thing. The episode was named, “Leaving the stage behind and becoming track stars.” In the podcast, Valliere went about explaining how he was relieved after his retirement.


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“My ability to kind of, you know, get my meals in a timely fashion which might be getting me anxious in terms of like am I going to you know be like an hour late for my meal and then it’s going to push back to next hour,” he explained. However, he’s been enjoying his post-retirement journey and even helped his brother-in-law recently during his prep for 2023 Mr. Olympia.

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