Exercise Scientist Gives a Harsh Reality Check to Influencers Bragging Their Physique After Consuming “18 Gallons of Tren”

The fitness and bodybuilding world, with its complex combination of dedication, genetics, and, at times, the use of performance-enhancing chemicals, frequently leads to heated debate. Social media, for many a favorite place for displaying their accomplishments, can occasionally obscure legitimate achievements with deceptive portrayals. Dr. Michael Israetel, an exercise scientist, recently emphasized this distinction in an interesting YouTube video.

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Dr. Israetel observed a pattern among certain influential people. In the video, Dr. Mike says, “When people have taken 18 gallons of tren, do that picture where they’re like have three cheeseburgers at a restaurant”. Following their reported use of large amounts of the anabolic steroid Trenbolone, or ‘Tren,’ they post photographs of their formed physiques in luxurious settings, such as eating calorie-rich foods. The underlying implication is that their remarkable physique is due to their genes rather than grit or possibly help from substances like Tren.

Genetics or skills: The influencer’s story


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The narrative the influencers nowadays appear to support is one of Dr. Israetel’s primary points. Is it their intention to indicate that their outstanding physical shapes are merely the result of genetics? “What you have amazing genetics; nobody cares about that unless you work at your genetics and make something impressive for your genetics.” In his opinion, having superior genetics isn’t actual success; it’s about harnessing those qualities through effort and determination.

This overemphasis on heredity, especially, when it may minimize the role of hard work or the use of steroids, is deceptive. It promotes unrealistic fitness goals among the fitness community. When their growth does not reflect these quick alterations, newcomers in particular may become discouraged. Some may even consider hazardous measures such as unsupervised steroid use to achieve these results.

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Furthermore, by emphasizing only the hereditary component, these influencers miss out on a tremendous opportunity. They may be recounting a more authentic path, complete with its own set of problems and achievements. Such genuine stories are not only more relatable, but they may also provide a piece of advice to individuals embarking on fitness journeys.

The authentic path to fitness glory

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While genetics can provide an advantage in the field of fitness, it is not the only factor. Dr. Israetel’s observations are a timely reminder of this. Respect in sports such as bodybuilding stems from knowing and appreciating the combination of natural talent and great effort.


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In an era where online aesthetics often blur reality, Israetel’s candid message underscores the value of genuine hard work over genetic brags and shortcuts like steroids. His critique is a reminder that true fitness achievement is rooted in dedication and authenticity, not misleading, potentially harmful narratives. It’s a call to prioritize substance over showmanship.

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