“Everybody Dying So Young”: Bodybuilder, Who Almost Died 2 Years Ago, Blasts Supplement Industry for Affecting Bodybuilders’ Lives

In the sport of bodybuilding, bodybuilders try their best to acquire a sculpted body to exhibit on stage. However, while aiming for their goals, they often forget to keep in touch with reality. While some of them manage to align their goals with their capacities, a fraction cannot draw a line between right and wrong. Under these scenarios, the increased rate of death in the fitness community concerns everyone.

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Recently trending for his special Watermelon Challenge, Kali Muscle has gained quite a bit of popularity. On top of it, his regularity on social media and keeping his fans up to date with his ventures really help him connect with his audience.

Kali Muscle ponders over the increased rate of deaths


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In his latest YouTube video, Kali Muscle shared his point of view on various topics. In the video titled, I’M BULKING BRO, he talks about how never knew the concepts of “mind-muscle” connections, but just went through the motions in the gym. Then he stated how time teaches the best lessons, however, suddenly he talked about the present scenario of bodybuilding. He remarked, “It comes with time. Hopefully, you guys live long enough.”

Furthermore, he straightforwardly pointed out where the real problem lies. He sadly uttered the truth that is on everyone’s mind and is quite visible under the present circumstances. He stated, “The problem now, is everybody dying so young. Supplement industry ain’t making it no better on y’all’s systems.”

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Kali Muscle also suggested a different way to figure out what should be there in one’s diet chart. Let us look at what he has to say on the matter.


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Kali Muscle’s suggestion of the right way to approach diet

In the video, Kali proceeded to talk about how bodybuilders need to get their blood tested and understand their blood type. He emphasized the fact that a proper blood type would help the bodybuilders sort their diet. He speculated, “You want to learn your blood type. So you know, what to eat. There’s a book, eating for your blood type”. After displaying the book on camera, he promised his audience to get back to it.

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The visible increase in the rate of death in the bodybuilding industry has been worrying everyone in the community. Although many speculations are being made to pinpoint the exact reason behind it, no one can deny the reality of the situation. Do you think the death rate is particularly high in young bodybuilders? Or every age range is making the list? Let us know in the comment below.

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