Even After Winning 8 Olympias, Greatest Bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman Shares What Motivates Him to Train 6 Days a Week: “Get Me Out of Bed Every Morning”

The people who get to work with their passion every day are the luckiest in the world. Very few individuals get this privilege, and one of those individuals was Ronnie Coleman. He not only got to work with his passion, which was bodybuilding but also won 8 Mr. Olympia titles. The police officer turned bodybuilding icon has had his share of difficulties with back pains and surgeries, but he never stops working out. Even after being bound to a wheelchair, the 59-year-old still holds the same fire in his eyes.

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In a recent collaboration with IFBB pro coach Hany Rambod, Coleman revealed his motivation to work out 6 days a week even after retiring from competitive bodybuilding in 2007.  

Ronnie Coleman lives for bodybuilding


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While going through a hard workout session with Hany Rambod, they not only exercised their muscles but also had heart-to-heart conversations. Coleman entered the gym and made the place light up with his signature “Yeah buddy”. Even at the age of 59 said he would do 20 reps on everything.

He tried out every machine in the mammoth gym and aced all the workouts. Rambod only had positive affirmations for the Hall of Famer. After a hard workout, while taking a rest, Rambod asked him a pressing question. “Let me ask you this, what is your goal? I see you training all the time. You train what five days a week now?” asked the coach. Coleman had the signature smile on his face and answered, “My goal is to enjoy myself and have as much fun as possible. Cause training has been a hobby now for me for about 48 years straight. And it would get me out of bed every morning and make me go to bed every night.”

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This dedication to his craft is commendable after so many years. Many bodybuilders leave their passion after a while, but Coleman never did, even after having various ailments and being bound to a wheelchair due to multiple surgeries. Sometimes passion for something can make you overdo it and cause problems and Coleman, like any other person, witnessed this in his own life as well.


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Ronnie Coleman’s explanation about overdoing something

While recalling his hardships and struggle in a video with Derek Lunsford, he had previously admitted, “I did kind of overdo it one day.”  He described that he was doing squats with his goal to complete 12 reps and Coleman told Lunsford that he experienced excruciating pain after the 8th rep.  Coleman expressed that a realization dawned on him that there was pain in his left leg. Lunsford asked, “So what happened?” and the Mr. O winner answered, “I figured to work out.”

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He switched to leg press and hamstring exercises and went home. However, his back still was hurting and then Coleman realized something was wrong. Coleman stated, “I went to the emergency room, herniated disk.” He gave Lunsford a valuable lesson to never overdo anything and strain the body.


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It is a great feeling to be able to pursue what you love as your work. Coleman got that chance even when it crippled his body later on. Would you also strive this much for your passion?

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