Epitome of Classic Physique, Chris Bumstead Reveals How and Why He Got “Hooked” to ‘Yoga’: “They Think It’s a Secret to…”

Chris Bumstead is all set to claim his fifth Mr. Olympia title as the marquee event approaches in 2023. The bodybuilding icon started training in his teens and competed at a bodybuilding event at 19 for the first time. However, he has most recently nourished a fascination for Yoga which has become a new addition to his workout routines. 

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The 4x Mr. Olympia is also an avid YouTuber. He keeps his 3 million fans updated about his training regime by sharing his workout videos on his channel. CBum recently shared an arm workout video where he spilled the beans on his love for yoga. 

Chris Bumstead’s yoga practice lasted for a week


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The 28-year-old is known to the bodybuilding community for his champion mentality. Despite multiple setbacks in health, CBum never stopped training hard to become the Classic Physique champion. However, he couldn’t do yoga asanas for more than a week, he revealed in a video with Urs Kalecinski who had reached CBum’s gym for an arm workout. 

Urs noticed an Inversion table and said, “Best friend of a classic physique athlete.” The competitor of CBum inquired, “You do it every day?” The 4x Mr. Olympia champion confessed, “couple times a week,” before adding the real reason why he bought it. 

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I initially bought that because I was doing yoga for a week. It lasted a week. But the lady said that her dad and all her family, they sit upside down on their head every day for like 10 minutes and they think it’s a secret to live forever and I like got hooked and I bought one,” CBum revealed. But how did he get hooked on bodybuilding? 

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CBum’s started building muscle to flourish in other sports

In an interview with Maxx, the 28-year-old mentioned how he wanted to get big to play other sports and was totally unaware of bodybuilding. “I didn’t give a f*ck about bodybuilding, didn’t know what bodybuilding was, didn’t have magazines, and didn’t look up to any bodybuilders,” CBum confessed. 


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I wanted to be big and Jack for football and basketball,” he stated. But he then met his brother-in-law Iain Valliere, IFBB pro bodybuilder, who introduced him to the sport he is currently reigning. The champion bodybuilder’s fans are eagerly waiting to watch him win the fifth Mr. Olympia title in the Classic Physique division. Are you also a CBum fan? Let us know in the comments below. 

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