Elite Coach Sparks Controversy Claiming Chris Bumstead “Playing Mind Games” With Competitors “Not Unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger Back in the Day”

In the realm of bodybuilding, social media is getting more popular every passing day. Most of the bodybuilders, if not all, are quite active on their social media. Not only do they update the viewers with their latest physique and form, but a lot of fitness influencers inspire and motivate aspiring bodybuilders to reach their peaks. But do you think bodybuilders can also use this method to trick ones opponents? That is what this bodybuilder has been accused of.

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Chris Bumstead is a 4 time Mr. Olympia winner for Classic Physique. After being victorious four consecutive times, CBum certainly does not plan to hand over his crown to someone else, and thus his recent posts are spotlighted by both fans and critics.

IFBB Pro Coach calls out Chris Bumstead for his mind games


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In his latest YouTube video, Greg Doucette talks about Chris Bumstead’s recently shared photos. He pointed out that Mr. Olympia is right around the corner and his photos are actually underwhelming. He boldly stated, “One thing I know from Chris, is he’s known to post older photos..” Doucette further insinuates that if his rivals presume that Bumstead isn’t particularly lean right now and they have a chance at this game, then they might get disappointed later on.

Greg Doucette also compares Bumstead for being similar to the greatest bodybuilder of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thus, the coach said, “I personally think he’s playing mind games with his opponents, not unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the day.”

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The reason why Doucette made this statement could be because of the rivalry between Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Do you know that Arnie used to play a similar mind game with Ferrigno? Let’s see what that was all about.


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The psychological games of Arnie and Lou

The “psychological warfare” tactic was used by Arnie long back on his arch-rival Lou Ferrigno. To play with his mind and make him feel inferior, Schwarzenegger once said to him, “You know, it’s amazing. Can you imagine the feeling I have? Six-time Mr. Olympia. Six f***ing times. It’s incredible.” In fact, he even went ahead to comment that Ferrigno requires another month of training to compete in the competition.

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No matter which year or era, bodybuilders would always want to overpower their rivals. This can certainly be quite direct or through mind games. But no matter the circumstances, bodybuilders do get motivated or demotivated by looking at the progress of their rivals. This is exactly why rivals try their best to march ahead and outrun the other, no matter what. What do you think CBum is doing? Is he playing mind games? Or is he genuinely posting his slow progress? Let us know in the comments below.

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