Driven by His Love for Reigning Mr. Olympia, 4-Time Classic Champion Chris Bumstead Tries Learning a New Language

Due to his ripped physique and straightforwardness, Chris Bumstead is the most loved bodybuilding icon in the current arena. While many sports champions portray only the positive side of their story, CBum ensures that his followers know his lows. The 4x Mr. Olympia champion recently declared his participation in the upcoming Mr. Olympia championship. 

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So, despite his busy training rituals, the 28-year-old took time out, to speak about various happenings of his life with coach Hany Rambod and touched upon his relationship with Hadi Choopan.

Chris Bumstead is learning a new language


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CBum rose to the heights of the Classic Physique arena with integrity and hard work. The bodybuilding icon known for his top conditioning overcame many setbacks to achieve his four Sandow trophies. He was introduced to the sport by his brother-in-law, Iain Valliere, and the latter trained him till CBum opted for Hany Rambod last year.

While not compromising on the training routine, CBum is also up to new things in life. In “The Truth Podcast with Hany Rambod,” the 28-year-old was asked by the coach, “I know you’ve trained with a lot of people, and you’re so strong, you keep up with a lot of open guys, but how did you feel, how was it with you and Hadi?” Replying to the question, the Classic Physique champion confessed, “I care a lot more about training with someone given who they are, like their character rather than just their status or physical ability.

Opening about his camaraderie with the reigning Mr. Olympia (Open category), CBum said, “Even before I met Hadi through you backstage, we don’t speak the same language…,” but cut short by Rambod, who in excitement revealed, “Yeah actually we’re teaching CBum Farsi.” Following this, CBum learned a couple of words in Farsi from Rambod before confessing Hadi to be “super kind.” While his Farsi training is still in the initial phase, CBum is focusing on his bodybuilding championship.

How CBum is moving towards his fifth Mr. Olympia title?

The 28-year-old’s admirers are well aware of his struggles while making it to the top as an athlete. CBum earlier revealed that he has Berger’s disease, an autoimmune disorder that affects his kidneys. He also suffered a bicep tear just days before the previous year’s Mr. Olympia event but posed on stage despite breaking down before the show. But the 28-year-old confessed that this year’s start to the preparation has been the toughest.


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He also added in his candid YouTube video that he is just taking one step at a time while training for the upcoming event. “So, I’m doing is taking this one step at a time, one work at a time, one day at a time,” he said, while drawing comparison with a forest wanderer.

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CBum’s fans are excited to witness his bodybuilding glory all over again this year. As the Mr. Olympia is just a few weeks away, the training rituals of competing bodybuilders are getting intense. Are you excited to witness how CBum will reveal his physique on stage this time? Let us know in the comments below.

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