“Don’t Scr*w Up”: 12 Years After Divorce, Arnold Schwarzenegger Imparts Lesson He Learned From an Affair That Crushed His Family

‘To err is human.’ The saying goes true for arguably every individual. People make mistakes, as humans are not perfect. But some mistakes that one makes affect not only ourselves but also the people around us. It might take down the people we love with us. This heartfelt reality became clear in the life of the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger. Known to be a transparent person, the former bodybuilder, however, hid his extramarital affairs until he was blessed with a boy (Joseph) with his longtime housekeeper, Mildred Patricia Baena.

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It was believed that 7x Mr. Olympia was involved in multiple relationships outside of his marriage, but his love interest with their housekeeper became the reason his wife Maria Shriver filed for divorce. Shriver confronted the son during marriage counseling.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s deepest regret for tearing his family apart


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Recently, CBS Mornings uploaded an interview with Schwarzenegger. The hosts of the show asked him questions related to his newly launched book, ‘Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life.’ When asked about the affairs and their impact on his family, the host asked him, as he quoted, “‘No failure has ever felt worse.’ This book is all about the lessons you’ve learned the perseverance. Um, what did you learn from that moment that someone watching today might benefit from?

Schwarzenegger regretfully admits his mistakes and says, “You know it’s; don’t scr*w up; is the is the only thing I can say. I mean, that’s what I learned from it. You know that you can really make mistakes like that, and it can affect not only your life but it can affect everyone around you, and definitely in this particular case, the personal failure definitely affect my entire family.” Arnold accepted that these severe mistakes echoed throughout his life. He also revealed that failure does not only come in personal life.

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A mistake that made Schwarzenegger and his family suffer!


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The Terminator actor emphasizes that failure not only existed in his personal life but also in his professional life. “And you know so, but there’s also failure that I talk about this professional failure, like when you lose a Mr. Universe contest, when you lose a competition, a movie goes in the toilet, and it doesn’t do well or as well as you thought it should do, or whatever it is, you know, so I think we have to deal with failures and we have to deal with success,” said Austrian Oak.

According to CNN, during his interview about the autobiography book ‘Total Recall’, he confessed to having multiple affairs and profoundly managed to hide them like other big moments in his life by denying them, especially from his wife.


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He further talked about his son, who bears a resemblance to him with the housekeeper, and said it was never discussed, but he sent her extra money for the child. He confessed years ago in an interview, “I inflicted tremendous pain on Maria and unbelievable pain on the kids.” The lesson he learned from the hard way is to never make a decision that not only affects your life but can shatter your relationships with loved ones. Let us know your thoughts about his life journey.

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