“Don’t Do Anything Stupid”: 7x Mr. Olympia Phil Heath Offers Advice to All Competitors a Day Before 2023 Mr. Olympia

The quest for the Olympia is reaching its peak, with just one day remaining until this exciting event in the bodybuilding realm. The entire world is rooting for their favorite athlete. Most experts are currently busy choosing their top five and forecasting who would win 2023 Mr. Olympia. Meanwhile, one former bodybuilder and the holder of seven SANDOW trophies gave advice that might lead the contestants to win the coveted title.

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Phil Heath embarked on an incredible journey in bodybuilding, sharing his winning streak with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He bagged seven titles, etching his name into the annals of sports history. Since Heath’s victories, the stage has yet to witness another winner who has claimed consecutive titles like him.

Phil Heath’s inspiring advice to the contenders


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The excitement of this event is palpable among the contenders, who must be experiencing mixed emotions as they nervously await the opportunity once again to shine on the prestigious stage. With each passing moment, they draw nearer to their potential victory. However, the ‘Gift’ gave a piece of valuable advice to the participants a day before the main event.

The Dream Killer recently uploaded a reel video on his Instagram account, sharing glimpses of his workout regimes. He also flaunted his astonishing leg muscles in this snippet. Following his intense workout, he candidly shared some valuable piece of advice with the contenders and cautioned them against making any hasty decisions before the competition, as it might impact their performance on stage.

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“Everything that you sacrificed. Everything in here, and most importantly in here. Be smart, don’t do anything stupid this week, and enjoy the process. For all those guys that are looking to win, you better bring it, because there’s only room for one. And that goes for you ladies, too.” He wished all the competitors good luck for the Olympia. The same motivational statement was echoed in his caption as well.

Heath shows his enthusiasm for Mr. Olympia while reminiscing about good old days

Phil Heath expressed his enthusiasm for the Olympia, highlighted the significance of the game and his eagerness to witness the spectacular show, which may bring back memories of his own competitive years.


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Unsurprisingly, the legend himself gave a memorable time when he was competing against Kai Greene. The moment was incredibly amazing to witness for the entire community. Heath reminisced about his rivalry with Greene when he appeared in the Chris Williomson’s podcast. The duo talked about his competition and the documentary movie ‘Gifted’ that came out in the year of 2018.

While discussing, ‘The Gift’ cleverly said that he felt that this was his chance to defeat his rival, Kai Greene. He said, “I was getting ready for the 2013 Mr. Olympia and I had a feeling that that was my opportunity to close the door on Kai Greene”. His magnificent win still echoes in the realm of bodybuilding as one of the greatest of all times.


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