“Doing Something That Will Help Humanity”: 46-Y.O. Millionaire’s Anti-Aging Quest Earns Him Respect From Fitness World

The human race has always had a quest to defy aging and look young all the time. But 46-year-old Bryan Johnson took his anti-aging passion to the next level. The dad, in his forties, spends over $2 million every year to reverse age and look like a teenager. While initially his quest irked netizens, his latest transformation pictures stunned the online community.

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Bryan Johnson promotes his anti-aging lifestyle on his social media platform, depicting how his extremely healthy routine is helping him to reduce the age of his internal organs and body.

Bryan Johnson’s latest post testifies that his anti-aging practices are a massive hit


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Researchers worldwide found various ways to slow down the biological age, but not many could crack a simple formula to age backward. But Johnson is keen to live as an immortal by taking it upon himself to experiment with various options available to look like a teenager.

Johnson owns Blueprint, which offers an algorithm to follow practices that reduce biological age. Through his Blueprint protocol, the 46-year-old wants his followers to walk on the path of immortality. The millionaire who was the first to get a multigenerational plasma exchange recently shocked the internet with his latest photoshoot from his bedroom. The anti-aging advocate took to his Instagram account and posted his beaming shirtless look while sitting on his bed, which can make people question his age.

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Johnson, who shared his perfect sleep parameters earlier, captioned the post, “Breaking my own rule of not doing anything in my bedroom other than sleep. And btw, I grew up in a rural town working a farm. Why am I now posting pictures of myself in my bed? What’s going on?” This time, netizens were hopeful about Johnson’s efforts to become a teenager.

Fans appreciate the anti-aging millionaire


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While netizens initially questioned Bryan Johnson’s methods, his most recent post persuaded them that he had been on the right track. “Looking great Man! I think you are doing something that will help humanity in the long run!” commented an optimistic followerIf that’s what blueprint can make a 45-year-old look, then it’s probably worth it,” opined a viewer.

Whatever he’s doing is obviously working,” wrote another user after witnessing Bryan Johnson’s anti-aging miracle. “You look like mothers milk so healthy,” complimented another user. “Real life Benjamin Button,” declared a fan.


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Bryan Johnson’s methods are intriguing to the online community. Only time will tell whether the millionaire will be successful in his quest to defy aging. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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