Disheartened, Bodybuilding Personality Rips Into Modern Bodybuilders for Getting Hurt Over Their Drug-Reliance: “These Kids Think They Know Everything”

The sport of bodybuilding has evolved and changed over the years. While the golden era of bodybuilding was all about aesthetics and high-intensity training, now it is more about being present on social media, and it might include more than just having a balanced diet. The young bodybuilders of today’s time depend on supplements, and sometimes even PEDs in order to get a Greek God physique. The mentality of bodybuilders has changed and legends from earlier times might not agree with the youngsters of today.

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This is exactly what the conversation was about in the Oldschool podcast. This time, along with Milos Sarcev, Chris Cormier, and Denise James, it also featured eminent IFBB Pro Eddie Abbew. The 2007 Olympia contender and owner of Eddie Abbew’s Olympian Gym, made many major criticisms about the young bodybuilders of today.

Eddie is not happy with today’s bodybuilders


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Eddie was a bodybuilder at a time when there was more perseverance and hard work along with a healthy diet alongside a training regime, rather than the usage of steroids. There were people like Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler that youngsters could look up to. Unfortunately, according to him, the young bodybuilders of today do not listen to the advice of the legends.

In the same context, he said, “It’s all about looking good for a short time and you know what I mean they don’t listen to you.” According to him, youngsters do not even contemplate listening to advice from veterans like Milo Sarcev. Abbew gives an example of how he would have given anything to get advice from the three people sitting with him in that podcast. He reprimanded, “These kids think they know everything. They do one show, and then the drugs are everywhere.” He also had a grievance with social media and the Internet, because people are being manipulated by fast information that is available on the Internet.

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Milos Sarcev also often tries his best to educate youngsters on the harmful effects of using performance-enhancing drugs and supplements. He agreed with another veteran bodybuilder previously and shared his reel to reiterate the same message.

Milos Sarcev supports Lee Priest’s take on PED usage 

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Sarcev recently shared a real that was uploaded by Lee Priest. In the reel, the 5’,4” bodybuilding champion describes how performance-enhancing drugs could be harmful to health if used in the long term. Sarcev reshared the video and wrote on his Instagram story, “Stay natural as long as possible. 3-5 years of proper training and nutrition. If you haven’t followed a proper structured periodized training program AND hit your macros every single day for at least 2-3 years.


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He also mentioned that if someone was not venturing into competitive bodybuilding, then they definitely should not do any kind of PEDs. Do you also think that the young bodybuilders are misusing the resources that are available to them? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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