“Diesel Is Super Expensive”: Jay Cutler Who Sold His Rare Cars to Build Multi-Million Dollar Worth Gets to Drive $54,000 Car After Over Two Years

Jay Cutler is one of the most successful bodybuilders in this industry. He shattered the myth that bodybuilders only pose they can’t be intellectual. However, proving this wrong after successfully dominating the bodybuilding arena, he started his million-dollar venture. Over the years, he did not just earn himself a name in bodybuilding, but also gave the world a taste of luxury. The legendary bodybuilder has had a bunch of cars in his life. He got his very first car, a 1981 Toyota Corolla, when he was just 14 years old. Later, he collected some really cool car models, including a Mazda RX7, a Corvette, and a Porsche Turbo 911.

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Four times Mr. Olympia’s always been open and transparent about his life and the lifestyle he pursued over the years. Clearly, Cutler loves cars and has a thing for classy ones. In his recent video on JayCutlerTV, he opens up about his $54,000 Suburban car.

Jay Cutler revealed about diesel Suburban


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50-year-old bodybuilding beast chose his purchases carefully. Despite owning a 740 BMW, a 750 BMW, a Jaguar, a Porsche, and two Hummer Trucks. However, Cutler, in his recent video, revealed that he waited for over two years to get his new Chevrolet diesel car.

He said, “I got my new Suburban, which is my diesel Suburban, which shouts out to AV Chevy. You guys took great care of me. I get like 30 miles a gallon to that thing, although diesel is super expensive right now.” He shared in his video that he was driving a lot these days. However, diesel fuel is currently costly, so, despite the great mileage, one might spend too much due to high diesel prices.

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In addition, he continued “I bought a Suburban a few years ago and you know I wanted to get another one and I heard so much about the efficiency in a diesel motor but because of the pandemic we couldn’t get the diesel it was not being manufactured so I waited like two and a half years.” The bodybuilding beast liked his suburban when he first bought it, so he desired to buy another one with a diesel engine for better fuel efficiency.

Cutler’s advice on buying luxury cars

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But during the Covid-19, the manufacturer stopped making these cars. Later, after waiting for more than two years, he bought the car. Additionally, the bodybuilding legend said he always talked about his favorite vehicles and he is a fan, but always preferred comfort, reliability and efficiency are always his top priorities.


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In a throwback interview, Cutler clearly stated, “I look at what is feasible and practical for me.” For him, spending on luxurious cars makes no sense. Because post-purchase, one needs to pay for the registration and insurance and take for the maintenance. So the charges keep on mounding. Furthermore, being a working professional, he hardly gets a chance to drive the cars himself.

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