“Did a 31 Seconds in My Sleep”: Strongman Giant Who Once Warned Chris Bumstead of Becoming His “Worst Nightmare” Dismisses His 2023 Mr. Olympia Prep

While many think that training and diet are the toughest parts of a bodybuilder’s routine, the significance of posing is often underestimated. Even if someone has a great physique, if they can’t pose well, they might lose to someone with a lesser physique but better-posing skills. With this year’s Olympia approaching, four-time Classic Physique champion Chris Bumstead was spotted practicing his posing in a recent Instagram post.

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As Chris Bumstead gets ready for his fifth Olympia title, he’s putting in a lot of effort, which you can see on his social media and YouTube. Besides his tough training and strict diet, he also shared a video on Instagram where he did a vacuum hold. While many fans wished him good luck for this year’s Olympia, there was a funny comment from a legendary strongman that got people laughing.

Bumstead’s iconic vacuum pose: A tribute to golden era bodybuilding


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Naming any one pose of CBum as the best would not be justified. However, one of the most iconic poses of Bumstead in any of his performances so far has been his vacuum while hitting the front double biceps, or while hitting his abs. As we are just days away from the competition, Bumstead posted a video of him practicing a vacuum in his new home gym that he made for himself this year. 


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Vacuum is considered as one of the most difficult poses to get a hang of. It is also the one that gained recognition back in the golden era of bodybuilding, thanks to Frank Zane and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bumstead revealed in the caption of his post that he held the pose for a shocking 30 seconds. His caption read, “30-second vacuum hold. Who needs air anyways?” 

Coming across this post, Eddie Hall, who previously jokingly stated that he would be Bumstead’s “worst nightmare,” commented, “I did a 31 seconds in my sleep.” Hall is himself considering stepping on a bodybuilding stage next year according to his previous Instagram posts. 

Eddie Halls’ potential bodybuilding debut


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Eddie Hall is the type of person who does not get satisfied that easily. Despite being a strongman legend, Hall has proved his mettle in many other realms as well, including powerlifting, arm wrestling, boxing, etc. Earlier this year, he also announced that he will be making a debut in the bodybuilding sphere as well.

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In an Instagram video from earlier this year, Hall demonstrated several poses and said, “I think that gives you a good idea where I’m at 320lbs.” Further, revealing his goals, he stated that he is not aiming to look like Big Ramy on stage, but something between that of the Classic Physique Champion, Chris Bumstead, and the British Champion Ryan Terry.


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As Bumstead is prepared to step on the Olympia stage, we wish to see him lift his fifth title this year. What are your predictions for Olympia 2023? Let us know in the comments.

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