Despite Seeking Comfort at Age 50, Bodybuilder Who Started Out Pouring Concrete Inspires Netizens by Hitting the Gym

In the world of bodybuilding and fitness, people easily get distracted and always want quick rewards. Lasting dedication and self-control are often hard to find in the sport. Yet, a renowned bodybuilder who’s touched the pinnacle of physique sports continues to inspire countless fans even at the age of 50.

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Recently, Jay Cutler posted a story on his Instagram account, using the platform to share an intimate moment of vulnerability. With years of accolades behind him, one might think that determination runs consistently high for such athletes. But the truth is, like all of us, even legends have their moments of doubt and desire for comfort.

The most common struggle of the bodybuilding community


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His video began simply, “Hi guys, today was one of those days…” A repetitive emphasis on the phrase hinted at the inner struggle Jay Cutler was wrestling with. It’s a sentiment relatable to most if not all: those days when the comfort of our couch feels unmatched, and the warmth of the bed feels irresistibly inviting. Yet, despite the allure of these comforts, Cutler prevailed.

Cutler’s candid confession illuminated a side of him that the public rarely sees. Many perceive professional bodybuilders as machines of sheer willpower, completely devoid of the ordinary whims and challenges that plague the rest of us. However, Cutler’s recent story painted a more nuanced picture. “The couch was good, the beds were strong, but I made it to the gym,” Cutler said. He felt the pull of relaxation, the urge to skip a day, yet chose to overcome that urge.

Cutler’s journey into bodybuilding was not easy. It could have easily exhausted anyone’s reservoir of energy. Yet, for Cutler, it became a foundation upon which he built his illustrious career and won 4 time Mr. Olympia titles. It taught him the virtues of hard work, patience, and commitment, attributes that would later fuel his success in bodybuilding.

Jay Cutler’s evergreen spirit at 50


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Transitioning from such reflections to the present day, it’s noteworthy how, even at 50, these virtues continue to guide him. Many would assume that reaching 50 grants a person the ticket to slow down, especially someone with as many laurels as Cutler. But Cutler’s recent gym visit, especially on his “least favorite day of the week,” stands testament to his spirit.

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Even after crossing 50 and launching his impressive ‘Fit For 50’. 12-week transformation program that caught the eye of bodybuilding enthusiasts and followers, Cutler’s story serves as a refreshing break from the usual narratives. Cutler, with his 12-week transformation program, serves as a great inspiration to the whole bodybuilding community.


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Jay Cutler’s recent Instagram story was not just a casual update for his followers; it was a lesson in perseverance. For many of his followers, young and old, his message was clear: age is but a number and the true strength lies in pushing past our comfort zones, no matter how inviting they may seem.

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