Despite Racking $4 Billion in Box Office, Arnold Schwarzenegger Feels Like a Blue Collar Worker Earning $60,000 Per Year: “Sitting There Like an Idiot at 5 in the Morning”

Arnold Schwarzenegger is undoubtedly the greatest bodybuilder of all time. Not only did he win 7 Mr. Olympia titles, but he helped shape and create bodybuilding as a popular sport. However, the former Governor of California also had a career as an actor, which, although paid him well, did not let him enjoy it as much.

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Schwarzenegger’s acting career is not particularly short and brief. The bodybuilder, Austrian Oak, has left the world with some memorable characters like Conan and The Terminator. However, he revealed a shocking truth about some honest feelings he had back in the days of shooting.

Arnie used to find work bland


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In the latest Rich Roll Podcast, Arnold Schwarzenegger is featured in the episode titled, “Arnold Schwarzenegger Is The Influencer We Need Right Now”. From almost the beginning of the show, Schwarzenegger explains how he had such a monotonous life where he would go to the set and get his makeup done and be there for his job, just like any plumber. He stated, “In reality, I feel like when I work for instance, in the movie, I really don’t feel like it’s any different than being a plumber.”

Furthermore, the bodybuilding beast also reflected, how the entire process and the work itself felt rather bland, with no intrigue or excitement. He disclosed, “I’m sitting there like an idiot at five in the morning”.

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As the conversation goes on, Arnie also looks back at the time when he used to have his meals with his crew.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger and his life with the crew

Schwarzenegger talked about the times when he ate with the crew. He firmly tells the audience that it made no difference to him whether he ate with the crew or not because he never felt he was a star. He said, “When people can say, ‘you’re so nice you eat with the crew’, I feel like I’m the crew. I’m just one of them, right? We are all trying to make a good movie.”

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Bodybuilders have often ventured into the world of entertainment, mostly because of their magnificent physique. At times when bodybuilding wouldn’t pay for one’s rest, acting would wrap them up in luxurious items. But even so, some bodybuilders would never take up the air of a star. Who is your favorite bodybuilder-turned-actor? Let us know in the comments below.


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