Despite Owning Four $100,000 Hummers, Arnold Schwarzenegger Once Gave a Bizarre Answer Regarding His Favorite Car (2019)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for his unparalleled professional career. From trophy-winning champion to blockbuster superstar of Hollywood, Arnie set great milestones during his career. Adding to athletics and cinema, he gave a political twist to his life by becoming a two-term governor of California. Apart from a prolific career, the 76-year-old is also known for his larger-than-life image as he made big Cuban cigars, terrific Hummers, and limited versions of branded watches, his lifestyle imprints. 

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Despite having a fascinating car collection, The Terminator icon once gave a bizarre response when asked about his favorite car in an interview in 2019. 

What is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite car? 


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The bodybuilding icon had humble beginnings but built a $450 Million empire with hard work and a risk-taking attitude. Schwarzenegger’s life is an open book. From his love for Cuban cigars to his four $100,000 Hummers, the Governator’s lifestyle is in the public eye. 

The Terminator icon who never restrains himself from opening up about his choices once participated in a 30-second rapid-fire session in an interview for “The Issue Is: with Elex Michaelson.” The host posed a unique set of questions to the 7x Mr. Olympia champion.

Schwarzenegger was asked about his favorite kind of cigar, restaurant, and athlete, for which he had his answers ready, but when he was asked, “a favorite kind of car,” The Terminator icon replied after pondering, “I don’t have one!” Despite owning four $100,000 Hummers, Schwarzenegger confessed that he doesn’t have a favorite car. But his daughter once revealed how their father dropped them off at school.

Katherine Schwarzenegger’s childhood experience

Arnold Schwarzenegger has five kids with whom he bonds well. The firstborn, Katherine Schwarzenegger, once revealed her embarrassing childhood moment that involved her dad’s Hummer. Recounting her Terminator dad dropping them to school in an army green Hummer, the author confessed, “I was mortified.”


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She revealed that she used to plead with her dad by saying, “Can we please just take the minivan? This is not my vibe. I don’t like this at all.” But the practice continued, much to Katherine’s horror. However, the eldest daughter of Arnie who is now a mother of two appreciates Arnie’s upbringing.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s answer might shock fans because they are aware of his extravagant car collection. Are you also stunned to know Arnie’s answer? Let us know in the comments below.


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