Despite Nearly the Same Age, 4-Time Olympia Winner Showers 51-Y.O. Bodybuilder With the Greatest Praise: “At His Age, I Don’t Think Anyone’s Better”

In the ever-evolving realm of bodybuilding, age can often play a decisive role in determining an athlete’s career span and prowess. With muscles, sinew, and overall physiology being tested to their limits, it’s a spectacle to witness a bodybuilder still at the zenith of their game even as they approach their 50s. Four-time Mr. Olympia winner and bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler‘s recent comments on Kamal El-Gargni, a 51-year-old bodybuilder, exemplify this wonder.

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In the 91st episode of his podcast “Cutler Cast,” along with another bodybuilding legend, Milos Sarcev, Cutler expressed his amazement at Kamal El-Gargni.

A testament to longevity


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Cutler acknowledges El-Gargni not just for his current form but also for his ability to defy the typical impact of time on the body. “You know Kamal. At his age, I don’t know if anyone’s better,” Cutler said. As Cutler observes, athletes with lighter body weight, like El-Gargni, seem to weather the ravages of time more gracefully than their heavier counterparts. Cutler, while emphasizing his shoulder shape, said, “Kamal, is you know, I I mean he still is fresh as he’s ever been doesn’t have the perfect structure but the condition was head and shoulders.”

As the years roll by, imperfections become more conspicuous, especially in the ‘mass monsters’. But not for El-Gargni. The aging signs common in many—like the back and the lower lats not tying in well—are absent in his physique. However, every critique has two sides. Milos Sarcev brought a different, more critical perspective to the table.

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He pointed out that while El-Gargni’s onstage presence is commanding, structurally he has areas for improvement. “Kamal in person… structurally, he has a wider waist and considerably smaller legs, especially apparent from the back,” Sarcev noted. But El-Gargni’s position is well-defined.


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Kamal El-Gargni’s standing in the realm of bodybuilding

Despite the critique, El-Gargni’s undeniable impact on the sport and the amazement he inspires among his peers stands out. The fibers, the magnetism, and the sheer dedication he brings to the stage are irrefutable. Sarcev’s comparative analysis with competitors like Max highlights the challenges El-Gargni faces. Yet, his age, rather than acting as a deterrent, appears to be his strength.

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The bodybuilding community thrives on such candid discussions. Legends like Jay Cutler acknowledging the prowess of veterans like Kamal El-Gargni reinforces the bond shared within this community. Age, in El-Gargni’s case, isn’t just a number; it’s a testimony to his unwavering commitment to the sport. A physique that challenges and defies time.

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