Despite Multiple Bodybuilders Struggling for US Visa, Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes a Powerful Statement About America: “No One Ever… Says Can You Help Me Get Into Russia”

Mr. Olympia‘s popularity is taking a big hit after many promising bodybuilders were unable to secure their places in the contest. The reason for this is the rejection of US visas. Although Mr. Olympia used to be held in different locations in the past, in the last few decades, it has been taking place in the USA only. It poses a problem for many participants who come from abroad.

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Mr. Olympia is only two days away. Fans are as intrigued as they are shocked to find some of their favorite athletes not participating this year. The visa rejections are thus stirring the wind in the bodybuilding spectrum. Amidst all this, one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger, made a bold statement.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s take on the visa rejections


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Arnold Schwarzenegger recently featured in the latest episode of The 92nd Street Y, New York. He talked about several aspects relating to both his personal life and professional life. After extensively talking about how America has helped him grow in his career, Arnie stated that he gets asked to assist those who can’t come to the USA because of legal issues. He remarked how these people request, “Can you please help me get to America? Please, can you help me write a letter for immigration service so I can get my visa?”

Furthermore, Schwarzenegger also pronounced how some people come to America over any other place because of the opportunities available. He uttered a bold statement regarding the same: “There’s no one ever that came to me and says, can you help me get into Russia?”

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The English bodybuilder Nathan De Asha is one of many who did not acquire a US visa this year. As he cannot make it on stage this year, his fans and other bodybuilding experts are dissatisfied with the decision.


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Nathan De Asha’s Mr. Olympia journey ends for this season

De Asha has been the talk of the town after he missed the chance to get up on Mr. Olympia’s stage this year. All his well-wishers and even the important figures from the bodybuilding world, like Flex Wheeler, empathize with Nathan. Wheeler had commented, “You know, all that training, you know, put into it, and it just sucks, right. I mean, we have it so easy because we live here.” He added, “It’s diffused, but you’re left with all this energy stirring inside you. Man, what do you do so my heart goes out to the young man.”


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Mr. Olympia is undoubtedly the most anticipated and prestigious title that bodybuilders look up to. Due to not securing a visa, these bodybuilders miss the chance to exhibit their vigorous training and efforts. Do you think the visa issue will be looked into anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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