Despite Living Through Torturous Pain, the King Ronnie Coleman, Who Is Barely Able to Walk Now, Refuses to Give Up Bodybuilding

In the history of bodybuilding, the name Ronnie Coleman stands out not merely as an incredible athlete but as someone who is a testament to inspiration, determination, and amazing spirit. As an eight-time Mr. Olympia, Coleman’s journey reflects not only the achievements and victories of the sport but also the immense sacrifices he made for his recognition.

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Ronnie Coleman, often referred to as “The King” of bodybuilding, dominated the scene during the early 2000s. His dedication was unparalleled: stringent diets, intense training sessions, day in and day out, crafting his body into a work of art. However, as his muscles grew stronger and his titles increased, his internal battles began—a confrontation between ambition and the very essence of his being—his health.

The King’s dedication beyond the challenges


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Recently, Coleman shared a picture of him doing dumbbell preacher curls in the gym on his Instagram story. Despite his injuries and condition, the story of Coleman showcases his dedication to bodybuilding. It also inspires the whole bodybuilding community. In fact, Coleman, with his ever-positive attitude, boldly states that he wouldn’t change a thing if given the chance to relive his journey.

This resilience is palpable. Even with his mobility challenges, Coleman’s passion for bodybuilding hasn’t diminished. Transitioning from lifting monumental weights, he is now seen in the gym, adapting but not surrendering. Outside the confines of the gym, Coleman’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through.

However, a key question has often been posed: Was it the weightlifting that led to Coleman’s current state? In light of his multiple surgeries and reliance on support for the movement, many surmise that his rigorous training and the heavyweights he lifted are responsible. Coleman, however, begs to differ. For him, bodybuilding isn’t the culprit. He cites issues dating back to his football-playing college days and even hints at genetic factors playing a role, especially when discussing his hip replacement surgery.

Ronnie Coleman and his battle with injuries


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Coleman’s tryst with injuries began in 1996 when he dislocated a disc during squats. But in pursuit of greatness, Coleman kept this injury aside and pushed on for almost a decade before heeding his body’s signals. The ignored injury, compounded with other herniated discs, severely impacted his health. Consequently, the titan of bodybuilding had to undergo 13 surgeries, which included two disc replacements.

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Despite surgeries, his condition declined. Scar tissues, broken screws, and invasive surgical procedures marked the subsequent years, leading to the heart-wrenching revelation: Ronnie Coleman had lost his ability to walk. Today, he relies on a wheelchair or walking aids to navigate through life.


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Ronnie Coleman’s indomitable spirit transcends physical limitations. Even in the face of excruciating pain and mobility challenges, his passion for bodybuilding remains unshaken. The King’s story is a testament to perseverance, inspiring countless others to push boundaries and never surrender to adversity.

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