Despite Its Difficulty, Chris Bumstead Discusses the Importance of Weightlifting: “This Is Where Mentally You Have to Battle Through That Bullsh*t”

Chris Bumstead has always maintained his position in the Classic Physique category of Mr. Olympia. The 6‘1“230 lbs bodybuilder has always astonished fans with his Greek God physique. However, reigning in this title and gaining such a perfect physique requires tremendous dedication and mental strength. Just four weeks are left until the grand competition, and Bumstead has been keeping his fans updated about his training as well as his nutrition routine.

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The 28-year-old has an autoimmune disease, and according to his friends, he should be bubble-wrapped. He is down to 5% body fat at the moment. This is making him weaker while he is exercising, but it is all part of the process. While doing a chest workout video recently, Bumstead talked about how bodybuilding champions should be mentally strong as well, especially in the last part of training.

Chris Bumstead shares a hard truth


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During a new YouTube video where he is doing his chest workouts, he spoke about his high-sodium diet and how he is getting exhausted while exercising. CBum declared that when he started exercising, his strength was top-notch. However, as the training went on, even an addition of 10 pounds felt like 40 pounds.

Bumstead was still optimistic and said, “I still got some strength in me, so this is the time where you gotta; this is where mentally you feel fu** dry and you should be weaker.” When bodybuilders start feeling that they need to cut back on their weight training because of weakness, that is where they have to drive through mentally. CBum further said, “This is very mental; you have to battle through that bullsh**.”

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According to him, even if bodybuilders start feeling weak, they cannot stop weightlifting because it will reduce the muscle that they gain for the competition. He also previously said that maintaining balance and understanding one’s physical requirements regarding fitness are very important.

Bumstead shows his confidence in winning before Mr. Olympia


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The 28-year-old emphasized that the last parts of training just before four or five weeks of the competition were extremely important. Utilizing this crucial time, especially for eating proper meals, was what the bodybuilder proposed.

He said about his weight, “My weight wasn’t dropping like crazy right now, but I started to feel flat and tired, and we’re about 5 weeks out, so this is like my last chance to jam a bunch of food in me and not worry about being put back a day or two.” He continued and said, “Because we’re not getting into grind time yet, so if I can tell anyone anything, stay lean in your offseason and start prep earlier.

He also talked about his weight loss for the competition. Further adding that if he made it to the end to lose weight, it might affect the muscle proportion in his body. However, Bumstead seems confident that, with his technical and calculated process, he will win the Olympia once again.


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All in all, Bumstead is a very calculated and intelligent bodybuilder who sees all the technicalities before diving into training. Are you excited to see him in this year’s, Mr. Olympia? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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