Despite His Injury, Standup Comic Kevin Hart Trolled for Setting Fitness Goals by Mariah Carey’s Ex-Husband: “Just Shut Yo As* Up”

The famous comedian Kevin Hart has played an exceptionally good role in levying upon his passion and earning a good name for himself. However, in 2019, he suffered major back injuries due to a terrible car crash. Well, that is not it for the physical impairments that have come in the way of Hart and have barred him from maintaining his fitness profile.

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The stand-up comic had earned a good spot for himself in the bodybuilding community too and thus, in order to solidify his position, he went on to beat Stevan Ridley in sprinting and that was when he ended up tearing his lower abdomen and abductors. Turning his life around, for the better after the incident, he has been giving out fitness motivation to his fans to stay fit. But looks like someone still is mocking terms with the star.

Nick Cannon trolls Kevin Hart on his fitness motivation


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Kevin Hart recently took to his official Instagram account @kevinhart4real and shared a video of himself, where he is seen motivating the netizens to be true to themselves. He captioned the video,Saturday Morning Motivation…. The road back to greatness starts NOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!! #HustleHart

He records the video inside the gym while training a little lad motivating him to do push-ups and asking people to make something better out of themselves, he says, “It ain’t about the fall, it’s about how you get up.” Well, this came as a rather joke to Mariah Carey’s ex-husband and he ended up trolling Hart.


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Nick Cannon, asking Kevin Hart to shut up and stop posting nonsensical videos, commented, It’s about the fall it’s about how you- SHUT UP!!! JUST SHUT YO AS* UP!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”. Well, the ongoing prank on the comedians is what fascinates the audience the most and garners them the fanbase they have. Well, once Nick Cannon brought Kevin Hart to his show just to keep it going.

The legendary prank war between Nick Cannon and Kevin Hart

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Kevin Hart and Nick Cannon have been pretty much tight, sharing the same passion. They always have an ongoing riot between each other. However, this one time, Cannon really brought the war a notch higher. He invited Hart as the special guest on The Nick Cannon Show and hosted him to level it up.


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He wrapped up Hart’s private jet with a huge image of his own face before Hart was supposed to leave for a business trip. He said, “So now everywhere he flies he will be promoting my New Show!!! Gotcha Back Byaaaach!!! Kevin Rides The Cannon!!!” He documented the entire flight and posted it on Instagram. Impressed by his prank, Hart even said, “You saved the best one for last.” What are your thoughts on the fun duo of Kevin Hart and Nick Cannon? Share with us in the comments section below! 

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