Despite Following Mike Mentzer’s Philosophy, Bodybuilding Behemoth Was Heavily Inspired by ‘The King of Squats’ For His Unquenching “Passion”

The world of bodybuilding has seen a lot of legends. Dorian Yates, a six-time consecutive Mr. Olympia winner, often shares pictures and videos on social media with glimpses of his competitive years, training regimes, and the techniques he followed that ushered him to win the coveted Sandow trophies several times. However, to achieve his goals, he went through a lot of challenges, both physically and mentally. Despite the obstacles, he made a name for himself in the realm of bodybuilding. The legend himself looked up to other legendary bodybuilders, took the best philosophies, and implied them.

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The 61-year-old recently articulated Mike Mentzer’s workout philosophy that he used to abide by. However, afterward, Yates, in a Valuetainment podcast, talks about the Quadfather, Tom Platz.

Dorian Yates says he loves Tom Platz!


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Muscle Mind Media posted a video snippet from the podcast on their Instagram page. Yates talked about Platz and how he inspired him to train rigorously, regardless of hurdles. In the video, Dorian quotes that he admires Platz’s passion and his never-give-up nature, no matter what, which ultimately makes him an icon. “Tom Platz is like an icon. “I love Tom Platz for his passion for training. He’s like, I would rather die than not give 100% in the gym,” said the Shadow.


He said that Tom worked more vigorously than anybody and the intensity of his training was unimaginable. He compared himself with him and said he couldn’t train like that. He said, “I mean, he’s even probably maybe more intense than I am”. According to Yates, Tom was very popular in England. He had a very influential personality. He had spent a lot of time over there and inspired the majority of bodybuilding enthusiasts. With his incredible seminars and guest posing, he became a source of motivation.


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Yates looked up to Mentzer and Platz

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Yates shed light on the fact that Platz was able to inspire the generation: “He’s never won a Mr. Olympia, but he made his mark by being himself and having the best legs. You know, I have never seen legs like that before or afterward”. He complimented the legendary bodybuilder’s extraordinary legs, which he had never seen before.


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He might not be able to see those astonishing quadriceps again. In his previous Instagram post, he said that he tried Mentzer’s shoulder exercise, which can be performed with cable lateral raises, and it helped him build his shoulders. What do you think of a legend talking about other legends and how they aid him in accomplishing his desires? Let us know in the comments section below.

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