Despite Feeling “Quitting Is the Courageous Decision” Initially, Chris Bumstead’s Immaculate Physique Makes Fans Think It’s “Not Even Fair Anymore” for His Rivals

Chris Bumstead is the Classic Physique sensation in the bodybuilding arena. The 4x Mr. Olympia amassed nearly 20 M followers on Instagram, which reflects his popularity among bodybuilding lovers. The champion is less than two weeks away from claiming his fifth title, and fans are more than confident about their icon’s win. 

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CBum earlier confessed how difficult it was to start this year’s prep, but still, he chose to compete at the Mr. Olympia 2023. Now, his latest physique update can send chills to his rivals. 

Chris Bumstead is all set for Mr. Olympia 2023


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The 28-year-old reigned the Classic Physique arena with his aesthetics that resemble the bodybuilding legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 2022, despite a bicep tear a couple of days before the prep, CBum claimed his fourth Mr. Olympia title. 

But the decision to push through this year’s training was hard for the 4x Mr. Olympia. In a candid Instagram post, CBum said, “Sometimes it’s easier to stay stuck in the things making us miserable because they’re comfortably familiar, or maybe we’ve attached our identity to it. This is when quitting is the courageous decision.

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CBum, however, felt that the right time to quit was not yet here, and he kept his fans updated with his training routine for the past couple of months. The Canadian bodybuilding icon recently shared his huge, striated avatar at the gym and captioned it, “Consistency is no coincidence.” Fans believe CBum is about to set a new benchmark in the Classic Physique domain after witnessing the 28-year-old in shorts flexing his massive chest.

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Fans React to CBum’s latest physique update


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The bodybuilding fans were stunned by CBum’s transformation ahead of Mr. Olympia 2023. “Men’s physique going to be crazy this year,” declared a bodybuilding admirer fascinated by CBum’s ripped avatar. “Not even fair anymore,” lamented a proud fan hinting at the CBum’s rivals. 

Reiterating a similar emotion, another follower wrote, “The boys are fighting for the second place!” “Mr. Olympia 5x on the way!” celebrated a die-hard fan. “How do you compete against him? Nope” said a user with all honesty.


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CBum’s bodybuilding career is an open book as the 28-year-old never shied away from speaking about his health issues and struggles. But he did the necessary, to win the championships despite the pain. Mr. Olympia this year will be special for him and his fans, given how hard it was to get going for the champion. Don’t you think so? Let us know in the comments below.

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