Despite Eating 5 Meals a Day, 264 Lbs Chris Bumstead Was Forced to Increase His Bulk Ahead of Olympia: “I Was Eating 220 Grams of Meat”

Mr. Olympia 2023 is approaching and ahead of this event, the charismatic icons of the Bodybuilding community have ramped up their preparation. Chris Bumstead is one of the renowned bodybuilding personalities who has been gearing up for this upcoming competition with an intense workout regimen. 

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With the aim of leaving no stone unturned for his journey towards the much-awaited event, Bumstead has revealed that he has changed his diet. After all, he is going to compete against some other prominent physiques there. 

CBum looks to gain more bulk to secure Mr. Olympia title


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Ahead of 2023 Mr.Olympia, the winner of the Classic Physique title, Chris Bumstead has started to gain popularity already on the internet. This is because he has brought some positive changes to his diet. Now, he has made clear that he is going to eat more to attain more bulk and muscles. Recently a video released on Chris Bumstead’s YouTube channel revealed these noticeable facts about Bumstead. 

“I was eating five meals for a while and Hany wanted me to up it up to six so I was eating 220 grams of meat every single meal for five meals and then I cut it down to 180 grams of meat.” He went on to say that he also added an extra meal of the day with no carbs on it so eating six meals now is mandatory. According to him, he needs this increased meal because the hungrier he gets, the sooner he wants to eat his meals. 

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As soon as his fans and followers got to know about this extra meal planning, they appreciated him and poured wishes into the YouTube comment section. Bumstead has had his share of issues in the past, but he doesn’t let it get to him. Earlier he had retorted to someone who had asked him to move on from championships.  


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Chris Bumstead had bashed a hater for asking him to move on from competitions

In the past, Bumstead suffered various injuries and diseases that must have hampered his lifestyle and preparation. However, he’s not in the mood to give up on his 5th Mr.Olympia title. CBum had earlier shared a negative comment he received from a hater, which asked him to retire from the competitive scene. The hater had also suggested the bodybuilder to focus on his business ventures.

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However, responding strongly to the troll, Bumstead replied, “You neglect the fact that I thrive under this pressure. Give me all the distractions, setbacks, whatever. That fuel for me, I’ll fight until the point I’m better than ever.”  Is Chris Bumstead all set to secure his 5th Mr.Olympia title? Will he succeed in achieving his next Mr. Olympia title? let us know in the comment below.

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