Despite Earning $70,270,943, Sylvester Stallone’s Iconic 2006 Movie Had an Erratic Scene as Sported by Bodybuilding Expert Once: “That Looked a Little Fake to Me”

The connection between the entertainment world and the world of fitness is ever-lively. Time and again, it is seen that bodybuilders often go into the entertainment industry and get accepted with both hands. Similarly, many actors from Hollywood are motivated to build a physique like the bodybuilders to grab more attention from the fans and reach higher aesthetic merits in the movies. And who better than Sylvester Stallone could have shown the world how it is done?

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Known for his famous role as Rocky Balboa, Stallone has won millions of hearts. Even decades after the release of the movie, his physique is often talked about. However, a bodybuilder had some criticisms regarding Stallone’s exercises in his role as Rocky Balboa.

Sylvester Stallone’s struggle in Rocky Balboa


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In a video posted a few years ago, bodybuilder Julian Smith picked a few movie scenes and decoded the weightlifting instances in them. The first movie to make his list was “Rocky Balboa”. While discussing it, he pointed out how Stallone had been struggling with a few things, which was also quite usual, keeping in mind the training that required for the movie was precisely different. He stated, “He’s struggling with the overhead press. He’s struggling with the roads. He’s struggling with all the kettlebell movements, you know.”

Furthermore, Julian Smith also commented that certain movements although required bodybuilding foundations, a part of it did not seem genuine to him. He remarked, “That looked a little fake to me, to be completely honest,” as he focused on a sledge-hitting scene where Stallone slowed down right before the impact of the hit.

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Despite such criticism, Stallone still continues his fitness habits from his younger days. About 47 years after the ‘Rocky’ craze, fans still obsess over the superhero.


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Sylvester Stallone fans portray the authority and power he has over his body

On one of his fan pages, someone compared the physique and abilities the legendary Sylvester Stallone possessed in his peak days in the industry and still possesses in the present day. It shows how the actor still continues to perform exceptionally well even at the age of 77, as he did back in 1976. The extent of his exercises hasn’t changed a bit. Despite the restricting age, he continues to be one of the fittest individuals among his contemporaries.

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Fitness is something that can transform one’s life forever and in shocking ways. Once known for his magnificent physique in movies, Stallone still maintains his body in exactly the same manner. Do you know any other fit bodybuilder in their 70s? Let us know in the comments below.


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