Despite Creating $60,000,000,000 Worth of Infrastructure, Arnold Schwarzenegger Confesses It Was Only Half of What He’d Imagined as Governor of California

When it comes to thinking of a multi-faceted personality, the name of the legendary bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger stands out. Apart from completely changing the dynamics in the world of bodybuilding, he has also achieved exceptional accolades in the realms of Hollywood and politics.

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In 2003, he became the 38th governor of California through a recall election, replacing Governor Gray Davis. Arnold Schwarzenegger has enjoyed his tenure and said that it was one of the most prestigious tags he had received, apart from being one of the best bodybuilders. However, in one of his interviews, The Austrian Oak revealed how his dream only reached halfway.

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about his shot at the Moon


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In one of his very recent interviews in a show called ‘Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend’, posted by the official YouTube channel of Team Coco, Arnold Schwarzenegger was seen interviewed by the host. Throughout the video, he spoke about the several duties he had as the governor of California and how he enjoyed every bit of it.

However, he also revealed how they managed to build an infrastructure that was worth $60 billion, yet it was just half of what he had dreamt of. The Austrian Oak said, “You have to have a vision, but it motivated them to sit down, and we were able to do $60 billion of infrastructure. Half of what I wanted but we did it and so this is really the great thing.”

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He went on to talk about how motivating them was the trick, and added, “So I think that one thing we have control over is motivation and that’s one of the things I feel like is missing today.  There is no one in Washington that really rings up.” After acquiring so much, when he wanted to go for the Presidential election, he was denied because of the laws. However, he revealed that he has no regrets about it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger confesses that he does not regret being barred

In one of the recent episodes of the show ‘The Howard Stern Show’, Stern, highlighting the fact that if a person is not born in the US, they cannot run for the post of POTUS, asked Arnold Schwarzenegger whether this frustrates him or not. Now, despite the fact that he has spent most of his life in the US, the bodybuilder turned politician was not born in the States.


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So, taking to this question, he answered, “It really wasn’t because I felt kind of like everything that I’ve accomplished in my life if it’s the bodybuilding career, if it’s the movie career, becoming governor, setting up my Schwarzenegger institute, all this stuff the millions of dollars that they’re made and everything all because of America. So, why would I not complain about the one thing I can’t do.” What are your thoughts on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s inability to run for the elections? Let us know in the comments section below!

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