Despite Countless Surgeries That Botched His Ability to Walk Again, GOAT Ronnie Coleman Shares Why He Always Wears a Smile: “Couldn’t Have Picked a Better Life”

Ronnie Coleman, also known as The King, is an unparalleled force when it comes to the realm of bodybuilding. With his super jacked and perfectly aesthetic physique, he has managed to win the title of Mr. Olympia eight times in a row, setting the bar highest with the bodybuilding legend Lee Haney.

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However, the journey to the top has been exceptionally difficult for Coleman, given his background, and to add to that struggle, he has had a total of 13 surgeries in his entire bodybuilding career. However, none of them were huge enough to cripple the spirit of the bodybuilder and he still manages to come up with a smile.

Ronnie Coleman reveals why he always has a smile on his face


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The official YouTube channel of RxMuscle, where they often put up videos revealing the truth about bodybuilding, took to their page and shared snippets from an interview featuring The King of bodybuilding – Ronnie Coleman. In the video, Coleman was seen being flattered by an appreciation of his immensely difficult journey.

As the video gradually proceeded, Coleman was complimented about how he is one of the coolest in the sphere and the best part about him is that, whenever he is at these big events, no matter what the situation, he is always seen with a big smile on his face, greeting and talking to everyone.

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To this, Coleman replied, “When you’re in this position that I’m in, you are truly blessed, and hey, I couldn’t have picked a better life for myself. So I am truly blessed.” His love for the sport never fades, and despite all the surgeries that he has been through, Coleman continues to show up in the gym.


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Ronnie Coleman’s workout glimpses post-surgery

The King continues posting videos of his workout even after all the life-threatening surgeries. He posts snippets from daily workout regimes on his Instagram story and, well, looks like the legend had an exceptionally intense arm day a few hours ago.

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In his story, Coleman was seen promoting his clothing brand, YoungLA, and in the background, he was pulling out his last set of Hammer curls and sitting on a bench. The level of dedication and hard work is pretty much evident in his story, and well, the gym and Ronnie Coleman are definitely inseparable. What are your thoughts on the King of bodybuilding? Let us know in the comments section below!

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