Despite Coming in “Dead Last”, Goat Ronnie Coleman Had the Best Time of His Life Years Before He Started Dominating the Olympia

Ronnie Coleman, also known as the King of bodybuilding has been reigning the realms of the sport for decades, and even young fitness enthusiasts look up to him as their idols. He is an unmatchable force and winning the Mr. Olympia title eight times in a row, he solidified his position as the best athlete.

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Although all of this earned fame has made Ronnie Coleman, who he is today, his victories are not the primary source of his happiness. The King of Bodybuilding reveals that his victories are not the happiest moments in his life.

Ronnie Coleman reminisces about his first time on stage


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Ronnie Coleman recently took to his official YouTube channel @ronniecoleman and shared a video where he is seen talking about his journey as an athlete, rewatching the videos from the prime days of his career. He captioned the video, Ronnie Coleman Moonwalks.

As the video gradually progressed, he stumbled across a video from the first time he was on stage participating in the Mr. Olympia Championship in 1992, where he came ‘Dead last’ and his name came nowhere in the list of the nominated winners. However, as he sees the clip, although Dorian Yates won, according to Ronnie Coleman it was the best time in his entire life.


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He says, “I had the time of my life up there on that Olympia stage and it will most definitely be an experience that I will never ever forget.” However, the road to success has been exceptionally difficult for Coleman as before winning the Mr. Olympia titles, he found it difficult to even make ends meet.

Ronnie Coleman survived on the bare minimum

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Ronnie Coleman began by delivering pizzas to earn money. He said the times got so bad that not only was I delivering pizza; I had to deliver newspapers to make ends meet. He was in such a condition that he could barely afford to buy food. He used to survive on the Pizzas Dominos offered him as their delivery boy.


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He worked over 12 hours a day so that he could at least get a proper meal, but that never happened. He also shared that he would often trade food with other fast-food chains like Burger King, Popeyes, and KFC, just so he would not get bored having the same food daily. Well, the struggle and his unwavering dedication to make it to the top really paid off for him. What do you think about the story of Ronnie Coleman? Share with us in the comments section below!

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