Despite Chris Bumstead’s Future Wife Gifting Him Book to Better Manage Stress, the 28 YO Still Hasn’t Read It

Competing in bodybuilding or any other sport can be tough for athletes. They have lots of things to worry about, not just the game or working out rigorously in the gym. They need to take care of their fitness and their overall well-being. However, Chris Bumstead, 4x Mr. Olympia’s classic physique, is very candid with his fans and openly reveals that he’s seeking help from a professional to overcome his mental health. In this process, his fiance Courtney King has been supporting him.

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In a recent YouTube video, the Canadian Bodybuilder showed his gratitude to his fiance for supporting him in all aspects of his life. She often comes up with practical ideas that aim to help him overcome stress.

A stress release book from Fiance that Chris Bumstead hasn’t opened yet


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In his video, he talked about various things he’s been going through and stress is one of them, after revealing why he wears socks during his workout sessions and even doing cardio in socks, he then confessed to going to see a therapist and Courtney helped him throughout the situation. She also competed in bodybuilding and she understands what it feels like to be in this chaotic environment of constantly proving yourself.

However, the reigning champion stated that “I went into like f**k stress rush mode which is something I’ve been stuck in a lot this year and it really held me back a lot and Courtney told me I need to read this book called The One Thing and it’s like about I haven’t read it,” He laughed in the middle of his confession that he hadn’t read this book, he continued “but I’m assuming it’s about focusing on one thing.”

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He further mentioned his therapist, who once said to him that “you can be the best in the world but that it’s going to take away from others…the optimal business, the optimal relationship.” He illustrated the methods that have been helping him for a while to concentrate on things better.

A technique that helped CBum overcome stress

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He further explained what his therapist told him: if you also have kids, it can take away time and attention from them. So, you can’t be perfect at everything; choose where to put your focus. The 28-year-old said that he used to put all his energy into everything, and it made him extremely stressed. So, now he is learning to balance things with more clarity in life instead of stressing over things.


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The bodybuilding icon shared a method that he’s been trying lately and seems to be working for him. He said whenever he felt stuck or panicking, he would put his head down and focus intensely on one thing. It helps him calm down and not get stuck in that super-stressed phase.

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