Despite Being “Broke” and Low in Confidence, ‘King of Squats’ Tom Platz Found an Unlikely Saviour in 81-Yo Aesthetics Legend Who Kickstarted His Bodybuilding Journey in 1980

In the sport of bodybuilding, people often get demotivated, especially when they do not find themselves reaching their preferred goal. Around this time, they often think of backing off from the game. However, with a little word of advice, many lives can be changed forever. These acquaintances in the field, thus often induce a lifelong admiration for each other.

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Years after The Quadfather’s Mr. Universe wins, he opens up about the time when the Three-time Mr. Olympia had saved him from the narrow thread of poverty, as well as pointed out his worth in the world.

Frank Zane: The bodybuilding legend who had saved Platz’ life


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In a video posted by @aegfitness8074, Tom Platz revealed the time when he was suffering from extremely low self-esteem. Not only did it make him naïve about his social stature, but it also devoid him of necessities that he could’ve otherwise. Platz, thus disclosed, “I was broke”. Then he went on to explain that it was Zane’s advice that didn’t make him lose hope when times were hard.

In the video, Tom Platz remarked that Frank Zane had advised him to wait because opportunities were coming his way. He also predicted that the phones would get busy when The King of Squat’s talent would be recognized. He recalled Zane reciting, “Phone’s going to start ringing”.

When Zane had suggested Tom Platz charge a huge amount, Tom couldn’t believe he would be able to pull it off. But once he tried it, he was finally saved from the terror of poverty and starvation.


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Frank’s recognition of Plat’s legs won the latter thousands of dollars

When Zane had pointed it out that Platz’s legs had immense potential to be a hit, Tom Platz was still reluctant about it. He was engrossed in self-doubt, however, when he finally listened to Zane saying, “You have the leg thing going on, should market your legs”. By the time Platz had won Mr. Universe, Frank Zane had recommended him to charge 3000 dollars whenever he was approached, and the time came soon after. Platz declared that Mr. Michigan stage had asked him to guest pose for them, and for the first time, Tom Platz received his first earning of that high an amount.

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Bodybuilding is not that greatly recognized a sport, and solely because of that when a newcomer tries to make it their profession over passion they struggle a lot. Making money without having tempting names can be hard, however, if one believes in himself and elevates their self-worth to the right amount, they might actually find the solutions to all their problems.

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