Despite Being a Lifelong Republican, Arnold Schwarzenegger Defends Industry That Made Him $4 Billion Against the Right-Wing Attacks

The greatest bodybuilder of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger has not only shaped the history of bodybuilding as a sport, but he has also helped in redefining its very basics. However, bodybuilding hasn’t been his only career. As the 38th Governor of California, Schwarzenegger has served the country as an able politician, and hence his political statements have always been of utmost importance.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger recently revealed his philosophy of “Wokeism” and how it is being portrayed in Hollywood. He also sheds light on the Right Wing getting challenged by it.

Arnie’s thoughts on Wokeism


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In his latest interview with The New York Times, Schwarzenegger disclosed his opinion on how Hollywood manifests Wokeism, which in turn often bothers the conservative right wing. He stated in his interview with David Marchese, “Let’s not fool ourselves.” He further added, “They talk a big game. Doesn’t mean that there are not a lot of sincere people in the game. But the bottom line is, Hollywood at least is out there talking about the right issues.”

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While answering about the right wing’s distaste for Hollywood, Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed that he belonged to a midpoint, and doesn’t incline towards either the left or the right wing. “The left wing dumps on the right wing, the right wing dumps on the left wing. To me it’s funny, because I’m somewhere in the middle.”

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In the interview, Arnold Schwarzenegger also made a statement, calling the politicians outright liars. Let us find out why.


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Politicians are big liars: Arnold Schwarzenegger

From his perspective, Schwarzenegger believes that no one can lie better than politicians. He points out how they often openly lie, then he proceeded to say that an election was rigged, for getting a chance for re-election. He stated, “These guys can lie better than anybody.” In addition, he also stated, “If you put them on the lie detector, I can guarantee you it’ll be a different story.”

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The ideologies of every political party vary from one another, and in the same light, Schwarzenegger has always put forward his opinions boldly. Instead of siding with any side, be it left or right, Schwarzenegger has always tried to side with the truth. What do you think about the Governator’s stance? Let us know in the comments below.


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