Despite Battling 3 Heart Surgeries, Arnold Schwarzenegger Defends His Unhealthy Habit Reasoning It Reminds Him of Legends Who Aren’t With Him Anymore

One of the most influential people in the bodybuilding and fitness world, whom many people can blindly believe and who has immense experience in it, has to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. One of the greatest bodybuilding beasts of all time and the seven-time winner of Mr. Olympia, this legendary persona has won several million hearts. Even at 76, he continues to inspire the present generation of bodybuilders, and his legacy will probably be passed on to the upcoming generations as well. When one such inspired soul got the opportunity to get a reply back from the legend himself, he used the best of his moment and poured his heart out into a few lines he wrote to the bodybuilder.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s unusual viewpoint

Months ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger approached his fans on Reddit and decided to answer some questions for his upcoming newsletter. In the comments section of the post, one of the users expressed their concern for the retired bodybuilder. Arnie was repeatedly shown to have been smoking stogies in his documentary and has gone through three heart surgeries, so the user seemed worried. Upon encountering the comment, Schwarzenegger boldly stated his love for stogies. He penned, “I know they aren’t good for you, which is why I smoke less than I used to. But I love to puff on one occasionally.”


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Then the bodybuilder ruminated on his old memories from the time when he first got introduced to the cigar culture. He remarked, “It reminds me of all the people who got me into cigars”. As he proceeded to write in the comment, Schwarzenegger also revealed his initial reaction to smoking.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about his opinion about pretension

As he continued to record his ideology regarding stogies, Schwarzenegger disclosed how he never liked pretensions. Thus, he gave the example of how he disregarded those who tried to hide their smoking habits in public. He stated, “I reconcile it with my mission because if I’m pretending to be someone I am not, then why the hell would anyone ever believe anything I say? I love stogies. I always hated politicians who smoked stogies in private but were afraid to be photographed.”

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When someone gets crowned with the title of celebrity, they also get pulled into a world of criticism for every move. However, unlike other celebrities who often lash out on those occasions, Schwarzenegger instead steadily explained his point of view on the matter. Do you think Arnie’s stogie fascination is good for his health? Do you believe the fans have anything to say about his personal preferences? Let us know in the comments below.

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