Despite Arnold Schwarzenegger Rejecting Marriage Plans, Huge Rumor About His Girlfriend Heather Milligan Blows Up the Internet

The bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger might have won several accolades in every field that he has set foot in, from being an amazing father to an exceptional bodybuilder and from rocking the world of Hollywood to dominating the political realms, but there is a void that he could never fulfill. Arnie has not had the best luck having a successful relationship.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger got married to Maria Shriver and had a wonderful family; however, he ended up cheating on her, and they both were separated in 2011 and finally had a divorce in 2021. After a long time, he finally started dating Heather Milligan, but when asked about his plans to get married to her, he simply rejected the idea. However, a recently spotted stone on her makes it point south.

Heather Milligan was spotted with a stone on her finger beside Arnold Schwarzenegger


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In one of the pictures taken by the American celebrity tabloid news website based in Los Angeles, TMZ, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his longtime girlfriend Heather Milligan were spotted earlier this week as they were out promoting Arnie’s new self-help book, “Be Useful: Seven Tools for life.”

In the picture, Heather Milligan was seen walking with her arms wrapped around Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hands, and the duo looked absolutely stunning, twinning in all-black outfits. As the paps zoomed in on the image, a clear ring was visible on Milligan’s ring finger, and well, we all know what that indicates.

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It looked as if it could be an engagement ring, despite Schwarzenegger refusing to marry her. Now that he has been divorced from his ex-wife, he has got all the opportunities to give marriage another try. However, Arnie is reluctant to begin another future just to have it ruined, at least for the time being.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger unveils the reason behind not getting married

When Maria Shriver’s divorce was finalized with Arnold Schwarzenegger, he had to pay a huge amount of around $400 million to his ex-wife. Around December 2022, Radar Online reported that he has been denying any plans for getting married once again. While his 29 years younger girlfriend Heather Milligan, has stuck around with him for about a decade, he does not have the courage to bear another such financial burden.

Adding to this incident, he even went back to the time when he asked his mother if she would get married again if she met somebody after his father passed away. And to that, his mother replied, “Nope. There was only your father whose underwear I washed. I’m not going to wash another guy’s underwear.”


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And well, despite not having great luck at loving Shriver, he too shares the same philosophy as his mother. But, well, who knows what happens in the future. What do you think about the rock on Milligan’s finger? Let us know in the comments section below!

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