Despite an Increased Prize Pool of $400,000 From $20,000, 81-YO Aesthetics God Believes Bodybuilders Are Lured to Pursue Other Avenues

The three-time Mr. Olympia and former Mr. Universe is one of the most educated and beloved bodybuilders in the world of bodybuilding. The legend who defeated the 7-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger. The 81-year-old shared some insights into his life. His journey from being a teacher to one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

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Frank Zane, in a recent interview with Movieverse Entertainment, opened up about the new generation’s approach toward bodybuilding and put his thoughts on the popularity of Mass division. He also shed light on his feud with Terminator. Let’s take a closer look at his revelation.

Frank Zane’s observation on the new era of bodybuilding


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Furthermore, the former Mr. Universe told the interviewer that the new outlook of bodybuilders is progressive. However, he did not have any clue what might be in the future.

Moreover, when asked about his perspective on bodybuilding when he used to compete and now, where is everybody seeking to get bigger? In response to that, The God of aesthetics replied, “Well, they have an aesthetics division, too, so it doesn’t maybe have the same prestige as the mass version, but I think it’s progressing and it attracts more people.” Additionally, he added, “Bodybuilders are attracted to one or the other. They Feel Where are their best chances, and so they go with that avenue.”


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His point of view is quite authentic, as he described that the bodybuilding competitions have a separate division dedicated to an aesthetic physique too. But it did not gain the popularity as the Mass division. in addition, the mass division has captured more attention, and he thinks it’s moving forward. The psychology degree holder also talked about the most controversial topic of Arnie and his rivalry. When Arnie came back on the stage of Mr. Olympia and defeated the reigning champion Zane in 1980.

The controversy between two legends

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He first said that they were all going to the same gym. They used to train at Gold’s gym in Venice. Where became friends and helped each other and it was an act known as total cooperation. As they weren’t competing at that time.


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The story turned around before the 1980 Mr. Olympia. After Zane held the trophy of Mr. Olympia for the third time in 1979. And in the interview with Arnold, he asked him how it felt to win three times in a row. To which he replied, “Arnold, it feels even better than when I beat you for Mr. Universe.” He said further that maybe it made him angry “So he came back the next year, and it was debatable as to if he should have won. It always is. He wasn’t in his best shape, but he was okay. So that’s how it all got started.” What’s your opinion on his theories? Tell us in the comment section below.

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