Depended on Crutches to Walk Now, GOAT Ronnie Coleman Proudly Argues No One Could Ever Leg Press 2300 Lbs Like Him: “At Least for Nine Reps Anyways”

King Ronnie Coleman was aesthetic, muscular, tall, and a package of fun on stage in his heydays. He is still the jolly, fun self he was before, even after retiring and going through 13 surgeries. This bodybuilding pro could do splits on stage and dance to Michael Jackson songs while showing off his chiseled physique on stage. He is the epitome of strength and performance. A young YouTuber and fitness enthusiast, Jesse James West, got the opportunity to work out with the legend and get his bodybuilding and fitness wisdom recently.

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Bodybuilding star West had worked out with athletes who were top in their field. From sharing the gym with strongman Hafthor Bjornsson to Chris Heria, he always keeps the hype of his channel. Now West is at his peak after collaborating with the goat Coleman, who shows him how bodybuilding is done.

Ronnie Coleman knows that no one can bench press like him


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The YouTube video was filled with excitement from the start, and viewers were directly thrown into the workout routines that West and the 8-time Mr. Olympia winner were going to do that day. King Coleman was especially there to show Jesse his heaviest lifts so that the influencer could attempt them. Jesse even asked how much weight he had done when it came to bench pressing, and Coleman replied that he had successfully done 500 lbs. When West attempted 315 lbs with the motivation of Coleman, he struggled at first, but with the King’s guidance, he was successful in bench pressing the weights.

The whole gym looked hyped with excitement, and the self-proclaimed son of Coleman then attempted a 415-pound bench press and absorbed all the energy that Coleman gave him to do it. This video was all about Jesse James West attempting the same weights as the King. The fitness star was acing all the lifts with firing motivation from Coleman. Then it was time for the ultimate test for West. In the industry, Coleman was the only person to attempt a 2300-pound leg press.

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He asked, “2300-pound leg press; I don’t think anyone has ever done that!” The King swiftly answered, “Nobody, at least for 9 reps anyway.” Jesse did not even try to attempt the whole 2300 lbs; he went for 810 lbs and was ready to try the uber-difficult leg press. With “Yeah buddy” chants at the back from the goat, West was successful in doing three reps with the mammoth weight. This time, Coleman might have made West suffer with his heavyweight exercises, but West had played tricks on the King as well.


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West smartly tricked Coleman to impress him

Coleman regretted that he did not squat for 800 pounds for more reps and did only two reps. However, Jesse James decided to take matters into his own hands and smartly camouflaged fake weights before Coleman joined him. He adapted this small trick to make his father smile and said, “So it is up to me to make my biological father proud by lifting some insane weight that he was never able to do! 800 LBS for more than 2 reps.”

He strategically planted the weights so the King did not understand the trick and the West did not get caught red-handed. The young bodybuilder even got emotional as Coleman hyped him up and said, “For the first time in a long time, I felt like a son.”


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Finally, West revealed the prank, and Coleman, as usual, took it to heart. Even after 13 surgeries and barely being able to walk, the bodybuilder pro is still capable of beating youngsters in their game. What do you think of the duo? Tell us in the comments below.

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